Difficult  Jigsaw Puzzles

There are such things as the most difficult jigsaw puzzles or some are known as Impossibles.

So far I have completed one as shown below but I have about 4 or 5 in my hobby collection to complete. 

Besides being 'labelled' as most difficult there are also certain images that will actually be more difficult than the labelled ones.

And do not forget the cut of the pieces.

How to avoid buying difficult jigsaw puzzles

How to avoid choosing difficult jigsaw puzzles images. Here are 14 Tips

Here are some traits to be aware of to avoid difficult images;

  1. dark shades
  2. repetitive images
  3. very few colour blends
  4. one solid colour in large sections with grid-like cut pieces
  5. solid colour borders and/or with lines
  6. pieces that 'butt' up to the next one (no tips)
  7. really extreme cuts that are repetitive and/or very tiny pieces
  8. letters of various fonts against dark colours
  9. photomosaics (tiny images form large image)
  10. image is different from picture on the box
  11. brush strokes on painted images and/or blurred brush strokes
  12. grainy-look to puzzle pieces
  13. lenticular (3D) image changes when it is moved
  14. foil or sheen on images

The following images presented are what I consider to be challenging types and certainly not to be attempted by someone who is new to starting a jigsaw puzzle hobby unless they really like a challenge.

How to avoid buying difficult jigsaw puzzlesSelegiochi Metamorphose M.C. Escher, 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Size 8.5" x 159" Extremely challenging image with a lot of the difficult qualities mentioned above.

How to avoid buying difficult jigsaw puzzles

By Bepuzzled Co.
755 Pieces Larry Blanck – Strange puzzle alert. This was my first “Impossibles” which turned out to be quite the opposite. Really wasn’t difficult at all even with it being borderless and having extra pieces.

How to avoid buying difficult jigsaw puzzles

Cassia Lancaster Springbok, 1972 Florentine Mosaic - 500+ pieces - Whoo hoo lovely little puzzle - was such a challenge: acted and took as long as most 1000 piece puzzles. Took almost 11 hours. Great quality and challenge. Exact same Pattern repeats x 4 -so busy, so distracting, sooooo much fun!

Ravensburger - Krypt, 654 Pieces. Solid silver in color, very unique cuts and pattern.

I was nervous to work this one because it appears so complex. I started with the circle and worked my way out to the end of the circle area. 

Then I worked from the outside towards the inside circle.

This was one of the uniquest cuts I have ever achieved and I have kept it together on the wall.

Buffalo Games 1991 Artist: by Ditz, Title: World's Most Difficult Cats Edition             "Double Cat Spread" Size: 15 x 15"  Pieces: 529 Double Sided

By far one of THE most challenging puzzles I have ever done...turns out I am not even fond of the image and I love cats. This one took so long I just wanted to get it behind me.

Springbok 3D Sensations Jigsaw Puzzle Merry Olde Santa 1994 500 pieces Size: 18" by 23.5" - Hallmark Cards, Inc. & Digi-Rule, Inc.

This was assembled many years ago and we still look 'into' it to see the beauty of the Santa images inside this Stereogram.

It was extremely tricky to complete but luckily only 500 pieces.

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Here are more samples of difficult puzzles...