Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzles

Unraveling the world of the best quality jigsaw puzzles has been an exciting journey for me. Although I have not tested each individual Company mentioned in this article, my years within this hobby has informed me of other Puzzlers experiences through their comments and reviews about them.

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Preamble: Hopefully this article will help you to realize that besides the individual Company's 'brand offering', a lot more responsibility should be regarded on the 'quality control' of the cutting manufacturer that the Puzzle Company chooses to associate their puzzle cutting process/production, as that will determine the loose cut (or not).

For many Puzzlers, the most common, negative issues with quality puzzles are the loose cut and missing or damaged pieces. Sometimes the missing or damaged pieces falls on the Puzzle Company during the production process. The Puzzle Company should be contacted to see what options are available to replace the puzzle piece(s).

To discuss the 'loose cut' factor further, think of the situation similar to this example;

A Puzzle Company sends the 'prepared' images to jigsaw puzzle cutting manufacturing company. The manufacturing company maintains the quality control of cutting the images with respect to the board thickness, the cutting style of the pieces and the cutting blades thickness and sharpness. 

If a new blade is used to cut a set number of puzzle boards, then it is fair to say that the first puzzle boards are going to be cut with the sharper blade, making the 'fit' of the puzzle pieces snug. As the blade continues to cut more puzzle boards, then it's fair to say the blade will get duller, perhaps shaving more puzzle dust between the puzzle pieces and expanding the space between the pieces.

Taking this example one step further - IF the cutting blades are not monitored (quality control), they may even damage the pieces during cutting. 

If a person does a lot of jigsaw puzzle or puzzles for many, many years, said person will likely experience the above issues - it's all part of the hobby.

Now lets get to a more in-depth look at the best quality jigsaw puzzles.

Unraveling the World of Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzles


For a seasoned jigsaw puzzle enthusiast like me, the pursuit of the perfect puzzle has been a delightful journey spanning over a decade. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing numerous brands, examining their craftsmanship, and unlocking the mysteries of what makes a jigsaw puzzle truly exceptional. In this blog post, I will unveil the secrets behind the best quality jigsaw puzzles, debunking the myth that only 'big' name companies deliver top-notch experiences. We will explore the crucial aspect of precision cutting and delve into the top 30 jigsaw puzzle companies that have earned a place in the hearts of puzzle enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Beyond the Big Names:

It is no secret that big-name jigsaw puzzle companies tend to have a strong following, thanks to their history, marketing efforts, and iconic images. However, the landscape of the jigsaw puzzle industry has evolved significantly, and many new and smaller companies have risen to challenge the status quo. These lesser-known companies often excel in terms of innovation, artistic designs, and, surprisingly, comparable quality to the giants. It's essential not to overlook these hidden gems as they might have the perfect puzzle waiting to be discovered.

  • Cutting Matters:

One of the most crucial aspects of a high-quality jigsaw puzzle lies in the precision of its cutting. Each piece should interlock seamlessly with its neighbors, offering a satisfying "click" when connected. Even some of the most renowned brands have had to address the issue of loose-fitting pieces, highlighting the significance of the manufacturing process. Companies that prioritize precision cutting showcase their commitment to crafting an exceptional puzzle experience for their customers.

  • The Quest for Perfection:

As a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, I have encountered various puzzle pieces that range from thin and flimsy to thick and sturdy. The pursuit of the perfect piece thickness has been a holy grail for puzzle manufacturers. The ideal piece should have the right balance - not too thin to be fragile, nor too thick to make the puzzle unwieldy. Finding that sweet spot elevates the overall quality of the puzzle and ensures it stands the test of time.

  • Material Matters Too:

The material used for the puzzle pieces can make a significant difference in both the puzzle's feel and longevity. High-quality jigsaw puzzles are typically made from sturdy and eco-friendly materials that resist bending, fading, and wear. Companies that prioritize using top-tier materials demonstrate their dedication to delivering an exceptional product that can be enjoyed for generations.


The Top 30 Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzle Companies:

Without further ado, let's explore the crème de la crème of jigsaw puzzle companies. The following list showcases some of the best names in the industry, both renowned and lesser-known, that consistently deliver high-quality puzzles:

  1. Ravensburger
  2. Buffalo Games
  3. Gibsons
  4. White Mountain Puzzles
  5. Eurographics
  6. Castorland
  7. Springbok Puzzles
  8. Cobble Hill
  9. Heye
  10. SunsOut
  11. Pomegranate
  12. Vermont Christmas Company
  13. Anatolian
  14. MasterPieces
  15. Educa
  16. Wentworth Wooden Puzzles
  17. New York Puzzle Company
  18. Artifact Puzzles
  19. Djeco
  20. Trefl
  21. Mudpuppy
  22. Re-marks
  23. Galison
  24. SunsOut
  25. Melissa & Doug
  26. Clementoni
  27. Ceaco
  28. Liberty Puzzles
  29. Bits and Pieces
  30. JaCaRou


As a seasoned jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and blogger, my decade-long journey has taught me that the best quality jigsaw puzzles can come from both renowned giants and emerging underdogs. Precision cutting, sturdy materials, and thoughtful design are the cornerstones of an exceptional puzzle experience. While the 'big' name jigsaw puzzle companies may capture loyal customers, it is essential not to overlook the numerous new companies that offer comparable quality.

So, fellow puzzle enthusiasts, venture beyond the familiar and explore the vast world of jigsaw puzzles. There are hidden treasures awaiting your discovery. Whether you choose a classic image or a unique work of art, the joy of assembling the perfect jigsaw puzzle remains unparalleled. Happy puzzling!

But wait.....there's more below about honing in on new(er) jigsaw puzzle companies.


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Honing in on New(er) Jigsaw Puzzle Companies 

As a seasoned jigsaw puzzle enthusiast and blogger, I have kept a close eye on the jigsaw puzzle industry's latest developments. Over the past five years, several new startups have emerged, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative designs to the world of jigsaw puzzles. Below is a list of some of the newest and most popular jigsaw puzzle companies that have made a significant impact:

  1. Cloudberries: Known for their stunning nature-themed puzzles, Cloudberries has quickly gained popularity among puzzle enthusiasts for their intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship.
  2. Piecework Puzzles: This California-based startup focuses on creating elegant and minimalist puzzles with beautiful artwork, making them a favorite among modern puzzle lovers.
  3. Jiggy Puzzles: Jiggy Puzzles stands out for their unique approach of including puzzle glue and a tool to spread it, allowing you to preserve and frame your completed masterpiece as a work of art.
  4. Nervous System: Blending art and science, Nervous System offers cutting-edge, geometrically-inspired puzzles that challenge traditional puzzle norms and appeal to a wide range of puzzle enthusiasts.
  5. Four Point Puzzles: Specializing in puzzles with a twist, Four Point Puzzles creates circular and irregularly shaped puzzles that present an additional layer of challenge and excitement.
  6. Piece & Love Puzzles: With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, Piece & Love Puzzles designs beautiful puzzles featuring art that celebrates various cultures and backgrounds.
  7. Myriam's Nature: This startup highlights the beauty of the natural world with their eco-friendly and vibrant nature-themed puzzles, catering to both nature enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike.
  8. Areaware: A design-focused company, Areaware creates unique and artistic puzzles that are not only enjoyable to assemble but also make for stunning decor when completed.
  9. Clemens Habicht: This Australian puzzle company is renowned for their mesmerizing 1000 Colors Puzzle, a gradient puzzle that challenges your perception of color.
  10. Wander Puzzle Co.: Known for their stunning landscape puzzles, Wander Puzzle Co. takes you on a journey through beautiful vistas and picturesque scenes.
  11. True South Puzzle Company: Based in Tennessee, True South Puzzle Company offers a range of puzzles featuring Southern charm and Americana.
  12. Holdson: Originating from New Zealand, Holdson has expanded globally with its diverse selection of puzzles that appeal to puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.
  13. The Happy Puzzle Company: Focused on family-friendly puzzles and brain teasers, The Happy Puzzle Company aims to bring joy and mental stimulation to puzzle lovers of all ages.
  14. Bitoye Puzzles: This Indian puzzle company creates beautifully illustrated puzzles with a touch of Indian art and culture, bringing a unique perspective to the jigsaw puzzle market.
  15. Jumbo Games: Known for their high-quality puzzles, Jumbo Games offers a diverse range of themes, from classic art to popular licenses.

These emerging jigsaw puzzle companies have demonstrated their commitment to creativity, quality, and innovation, captivating puzzle enthusiasts worldwide with their delightful offerings. As the jigsaw puzzle community continues to grow and evolve, these startups bring a fresh breeze to the timeless joy of assembling pieces and unlocking captivating images.