Puzzle Scoop

The Puzzle Scoop is the neatest little multi-functioning jigsaw puzzle tool I have seen yet! I suggest you do not wait as this is a tool in demand. As soon as I showed a few puzzlers they immediately said they had to get one! And it does not have to be used just for jigsaw puzzles. I have found it handy for numerous little household situations. 



Here’s a perfect example of there being More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces. I should know - I wrote the book!  

I contacted Ceaco Puzzles Company to tell them about my book and they responded in kind. They also offered me to try their product, the Puzzle Scoop. Here’s the features:

  • easily move puzzle sections with the large flexible surface
  • it has a 3X magnifying screen that is amazing - the best I have seen yet
  • pieces that looked "dark" actually had multiple colours and patterns
  • it uses a built-in LED light (batteries included) that is nice and bright
  • Instructions for changing batteries is shown in the image below
  • If you’re working on dark areas on a puzzle, this is a must!
  • its nice and light-weight
  • Makes a terrific gift
  • Very helpful for serious puzzlers
  • I will be using the Puzzle Scoop with every puzzle in the future
  • The tool is under 8" in length and the Puzzle Scoop is 4.5" x 4" which has a very smooth surface on the bottom and the magnify surface on the top 
  • I found that if I scoop in a downward direction to slide under bigger sections of clumped pieces worked in the easiest manner. I also covered my hand gently on top of the scoop with the puzzle section sandwiched between, then I could move larger sections
  • I definitely like the size of the handle however I have small hands.  It's lightweight enough to be user friendly for most hand sizes.

Now this sure is a MUST HAVE for puzzlers! It’s excellent for the small text and object/details on puzzle images using the light/magnifying glass feature. It’s perfect for moving small sections of puzzle pieces to different areas!

IF you get lucky to buy more than 1 of the Puzzle Scoops, you should be sure to get additional ones for your puzzle friends and family members or for Puzzler gifts. These sell very quickly and at the current price of under $10 it's well worth it's value.

Special thanks to Ceaco Puzzle Company 

Puzzle Scoop Demo

Puzzle Scoop Battery Replacement


Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

The Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories is a short little eBook that cover the following topics:

  • Lights, floor lamps, table lamps, overhead lights, light bulbs
  • Tables, lap tables, tables with drawers, leg risers for tables
  • Trays, ByAllison product review 
  • Mats, Grateful House product review
  • Puzzle storage case
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