Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables

Here’s a variety of jigsaw puzzle tables for kids, adults and seniors. Some features available on tables are felt, removable drawers, covers, it’s foldable and possibly tilting. Most tables are portable with or without legs and are on rollers or wheels. A few can be used for a bed or on your lap. Generally a jigsaw puzzle table has enough space for puzzles between 1000-1500 pieces. Occasionally a wooden table may fit 2000 pieces. Tables for 3000 pieces are typically custom made. 

Here are samples of the available jigsaw puzzles boards and tables. We highly recommend standing while puzzling so table risers are useful.

We combine Jigsaw puzzle boards tables together as often they are combined as one - a board is built right into a table as shown in the examples below.  While there are a lot of reviews on Amazon about the following items, a lot of puzzlers do not know they are available.  I can recommend any one of the products below IF used properly. Note these are used for small puzzles and should also be used on a stable base.

 This section is Jigsaw puzzle boards tables - being only the boards

The following first three Jigsaw puzzle boards tables are quite large so you may want to keep that in mind. They are quite sturdy and convenient if you can set them up in a usable way. The 2000 piece Jigboard has a really good rating. The 1500 Bits & Pieces is very popular and The Puzzle Board is perfect for lap puzzling with a non-slip cloth surface.  The next 3 Jigsaw puzzle boards tables are best for the smaller puzzles again and are light weight. Again they are good if used properly.

Accessories for Jigsaw puzzle boards tables

Jigsaw puzzle table leg-raisers are becoming quite common among Puzzlers who spend many hours doing jigsaw puzzles. I happen to use them myself on my puzzle table.

In July of 2019 new research put out this article indicating that Sitting is the New Smoking and advises we find ways to do our daily activities while standing.

We know that puzzles and sitting most often goes together but the article implies the chair is out to kill us.  It also shares ways to change your table to a standing position and how to 'merge' yourself into a standing position including the types of shoes that would be best for standing.

However, IF you must sit and are concerned about sitting, then this article will help ease your concerns. It's titled "Is Sitting Still Bad? A 2021 Review Of The Research"

Foam Boards or Cloth mats

To board or not to board….or just use a cloth mat?  What works better to use for jigsaw puzzle boards-tables? (There are also Table alternatives below.)

To answer that I just have to look at what I have been doing constantly for the past 4 years to determine what works for me.

I use foam boards! 

Before foam boards I always used plexiglass  - I tried the cloth mats. Cloth Mats have some good points and negative ones.


  • very light to move
  • pieces stick quite well to the cloth
  • uses a roll up feature for storage


  • pieces stick too well sometimes
  • pieces do not slide 
  • matt may become wrinkled so the puzzle does not sit flat
  • no edges around the matt
  • the assembling area is limited

Hmmmm….I see more cons than pros…..sorry, cloth mats are out - however I still have a non-completed puzzle rolled up in my cloth mat, ha!

As I said above I use foam boards from the Dollar Stores. Here’s why….

  • they cost petty cash
  • they are light weight 
  • they are easily moveable
  • they can be custom cut to the size of the puzzle 
  • 2 pieces can be taped securely to double the size
  • use for flipping puzzles using 2 with puzzle in-between  

I haven’t always used foam boards but that’s pretty much all I use now. What if you don’t have access to foam boards? Here’s some alternative ideas;

  • plexiglass (hard plastic)
  • large sturdy cardboard (from furniture/appliances)
  • wood panelling
  • plywood
  • large tin foil trays (cookie sheets)
  • teflon

Examples of low-budget jigsaw puzzle boards tables ...


Back View: This is 2 sheets of Poster Foam Board heavily taped with clear packing tape. I can still move the board easily enough too.


Front View: Using the Foam Board for an oversized jigsaw puzzle. The jigsaw puzzle size 25" x 25" from eeBoo titled Desserts.


I used 2 tinfoil cookie sheets so I would have a lip around the edges of this 2000 piece World Map jigsaw puzzle by Eurographics.

I cut one side on each one and taped them to become the center line.


A Group member shares a wooden table/tray her family member built for her. Appears to be about 40" x 40".

She sent me that Butterfly jigsaw puzzle because it WAS on my wish list ;)

Alternative choices for Jigsaw puzzle boards tables

The jigsaw puzzle boards-tables mentioned above are the low end pricing alternatives. There is always the option to build your own table. One of our Group members designed his second version of a jigsaw puzzle boards tables

Shawn Wolf was kind enough to share this table he built himself. In fact this is a second revision of the table and he thinks he may even try a third version next year. To read more about his table and see ALL the photos CLICK HERE


Shown here the Table in its open position. The work surface is 29” x 30.5” with about a 1/4” raised lip around the edges.

It stands 26.5” tall. It’s made of pine 2x4’s cut to size and a smooth particle-board surface.

Now IF you have a super great Step-Dad like Molly Metzger who has the knowledge to build the perfect drop-down 4 x 8 foot jigsaw puzzle board-table ..... it would look like this.....

jigsaw-puzzles-boards-tablesMolly Metzger is a young lady in our Group who shared these photos of her 4x8 foot table. She enjoys doing extremely large jigsaw puzzles.
jigsaw-puzzles-boards-tablesMolly Metzger's jigsaw puzzle table shown here rigged to the roof. A dream table indeed!

Here is a lovely jigsaw puzzle table display of photos from Luiz Fernando Sousa Sposito He is a Group member and he says...

"Hi there, everyone. A woman in another group asked me to take pictures and send information about my table for assembling puzzles. So here are the pictures of my table for assembling puzzles up to 5000 pieces. The measurements are in metres and feet, so I can help everybody. Tell me if the pics and the information are good enough. Hugs."

So with our special thanks to him take a look at his table. Each photo has a link that shows the actual image for better viewing.

So with our special thanks to him take a look at his table. Each photo has a link that shows the actual image for better viewing.


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