FREE - Online Spreadsheet Puzzle Tracker


IF you have a Google G-mail account, you can copy your own FREE Online Spreadsheet Puzzle Tracker. Then start tracking your jigsaw puzzles instantly and save it on whatever device you are using.

Watch the video and/or follow the steps below to get your FREE copy if you are not familiar with this process.

Note: You MUST make your own copy otherwise other Users may overwrite your Sheets. We suggest you make 2 copies as the spreadsheets have formulas embedded in the cells.

NOTE- Disclaimer: We bear no responsibility for any risk involved in using our Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Tracker. By using this spreadsheet you will take full responsibility for any technical issues or anything else that may occur as a result of using the program.

Make a copy:  Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Tracker Link

Contact us at if you are experiencing technical issues.

  1. On your computer, open a Google Sheets home screen.
  2. Open the file you want to make a copy of.
  3. In the menu, click File. Make a copy.
  4. Type a name and choose where to save it.
  5. Click Ok.

The following Video shows how to save 2 copies to the online Google Spreadsheet plus tips on how to use the Tracker sheets. 

What's Inside the Puzzle Hobby Tracker?

The Puzzle Hobby Tracker is a Google Spreadsheet with functions and formulas embedded. There are 30 sheets available by clicking the Pages (tabs at bottom of sheet) and the page with the How To info.

This Tracker is free for you to use and it is set up to track up to 500 jigsaw puzzles but you can also insert continuous rows to tracks up to thousands of jigsaw puzzles. (I've seen Google mention 40K rows but it also depends on how many cells are being used.)

The main 3 features are:

  1. The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Tracker Master Sheet (To keep a general list of all your puzzles)
  2. The 12 months Individual Sheets (To record the puzzles you assemble in a determined month)
  3. The 10 Blank Sheets (To use for singling out certain Brands or types such as shapes) 

The following images shares a breakdown of the images used on the spreadsheet. Note the last 2 rows on the right side have dropdown lists to choose a '5 star' rating or a 'text description' rating.

Here's what is available to Track:

  • Organize your assembled puzzles in number order
  • Record the Date it has been assembled  
  • Add the Brand
  • Add the Puzzle Title
  • Add the Size

NOTE: The Time, Number of Pieces and Prices will keep a 'running total' at the top of their columns

  • Track your assembly time
  • Track you assembled Number of Pieces 
  • Track your Prices
  • Drag/drop/upload directly into the Cell a thumbnail image
  • In Notes, add the Artist, (if) missing pieces and quality

Puzzle Hobby Tracker - Master List


Here's the Tracking Details:

  • 500 entries per page 
  • 20 pages 
  • Page 1 - Master List 
  •  Page 2 - Time Sheet 
  • Page 3 - TO DO List 
  •  Page 4 - Wish List 
  •  Page 5 - For Sale List 
  •  Page 6 - Favorites List 
  • Pages 7 - 18 Monthly 
  •  Pages 19-28 Blanks 
  • Pages 28 - 30 Extras

Puzzle Hobby Tracker Sheet 2 has formulas embedded to help you track your time.

There are 8 Puzzle Timers to use which means you can be puzzling/tracking more than one puzzle at a time.

Time: use format as 8.10 for 8 hours 10 minutes Go to the How TO's by clicking bottom right tab of the Sheet.

There's more details below...

Puzzle Hobby Tracker - Time Sheet


1. Enter Date, Title and Start Time at start of session
2. Enter End Time at end of session
3. Times are calculated under Time section
4. Total Time is calculated in Yellow Highlight
5. Carry Total Time over to Master Sheet
6. *NOTE -'Time' Column has preset Formulas (do not use)

1. Track 1 Puzzle up to 5 sessions
2. Track up to 8 Puzzles at a time (scroll to the right to see more)
3. Record Total Time on Master Sheet
4. IF using more than 5 sessions for 1 puzzle 
use a second Puzzle Time-Block and add both Times logged together 

* To reuse Timer-Blocks highlight the End Time and Start Time cells
Next: right click and select Clear Contents
***DO NOT REMOVE OR CHANGE PINK COLUMNS (preset forumlas are embedded into cells) - IF changed, the time will not calculate correctly for that Timer-Block only. To fix a Timer-Block Highlight a correct Pink-Yellow cells group, Paste to incorrect cells to overwrite the mixed formulas


Puzzle Hobby Tracker - To Do List


Instructions: Fill in the rows as shown in sample No. 1 (simply overwrite your information in sample). Use the Insert to upload your puzzle photo and resize to fit the Picture box.
Email with questions or assistance and we will do our best to assist you.

TIP: Email as attachement - access the file (anytime) by opening the attachment on device.

Puzzle Hobby Tracker - Additional Tracking Sheets 


Additional Sheets: There are 10 sheets that are labeled Blank. These are extras sheets that can easily be copied IF you lose the embedded formulas by mistake. Or you can use the Blank sheet to tract specific Brands only, or Shaped puzzles only, etc.

Page 29 and 30 can be used for the same purpose. You may also duplicate sheets simply by clicking on the Page Tab at the bottom, right click, scroll up to Duplicate, then give the Page a new Label. 

Details: 500 entries per page - 30 pages
Page 1 - Master List        Page 2 - Time Sheet
Page 3 - TO DO List       Page 4 - Wish List  
Page 5 - For Sale List     Page 6 - Favorites
Pages 7 - 18 Monthly      Pages 19-28 - Blanks

Page 29 - Extra                Page 30 - Miscel.
Time: Use number format (only) as 8.10 for 8 hours 10 minutes 

Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Tracker FAQ's

Can I download the Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Tracker to my device?

Yes you can but be mindful of a few things that can happen.  When downloading the 'Sheet' to your device, the program will try to collaborate as best as it can to the Device's available program to use. For example; it may read most of the program if it is downloaded to the Excel program but maybe not ALL of the components of the program will work due to the transmission of data from the internet to your device.

How long can I use the program?

Once you make your own 'Copy', you may use the Tracker forever and modify it to suit your needs. You do not need permission to make those changes. You just cannot sell it or use it for Commercial purposes in the 'state' that it is in due to Copyright reasons.

How many puzzles can I add to the Sheet?

As stated above, there is the ability to insert lines before the end of line 500 so the formulas will continue to be used. Visibly you can see 500 lines but you can insert thousands of lines.

Why should I make 2 copies?

It's best to keep a backup blank copy and an active copy. This is useful in case the formulas or content gets accidentally erased - you can always copy/paste from backup blank copy.

How can I duplicate a Page?

You can duplicate sheets/Pages simply by clicking on the Page Tab at the bottom, right click, scroll up to Duplicate, then give the Page a new Label. 


Technical - Keyboard Tips

  • The Header is 'Freeze-framed' up to row #3 so the column titles are always visible
  • To clear a Cell, click cursor into the Cell, then click Delete
  • To use Return within a Cell (Mac) click Option Return (Windows) Alt Enter
  • To Copy more than one Cell. Click into 'Start'  Cell, hold shift, Click into 'End' Cell for the Copy Cells to Highlight, then use Edit to Click Copy


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