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Shapes Word Search Christmas Themes 50+ Puzzles, 1000+ Words, 20+ Shapes   CLICK TO BUY HERE  


The More To Jigsaw Puzzle Than Pieces a delightful, easy read. It provides loads of valuable advice on 60+ topics relating to jigsaw puzzles plus the Author's years of experience shares extra interesting thoughts.  CLICK TO BUY HERE  


Get It Together Piece By Peace Journal 6"x9" 120 Pages Notes Daily Writing Puzzle Lists   CLICK TO BUY HERE  


This book has an Index to make easy access to each puzzle's information. This Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Logbook will prove indispensable for all serious puzzlers. Book size: 6" x 9", soft cover, 155 pages. CLICK TO BUY HERE  


You need somewhere to track all those completed puzzles? This nifty pocket-sized BePuzzled logbook is perfect for you.  You are able to record essential information in template form. Book size: 6" x 9". CLICK TO BUY HERE  



We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE