Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book


Puzzle Hobby is pleased to promote the 2nd Edition Log Book

Are you an avid Jigsaw Puzzler? You need somewhere to track all those completed puzzles! This nifty pocket-sized logbook is perfect for you. For the puzzle connoisseur, you are able to record essential information in template form.

Each template consists of:

  • puzzle title and artist
  • the size and number of pieces
  • your opinion of the amount of fun in building this puzzle
  • how you acquired the puzzle
  • start and finish dates
  • missing pieces?
  • if you lent it out - to whom? and returned?
  • difficulty level

Also has an Index to make easy access to each puzzle's information. This ultimate jigsaw puzzle logbook will prove indispensable for all serious puzzlers.

Book size: 6" x 9", soft cover, 155 pages.

Purchase this great little tracker for yourself or for the puzzle lover in your life!!

See our review for the BePuzzled record book below which holds the same inside details in the New 2nd Edition with many more pages.


Now here's a handy little jigsaw puzzle record book titled BePuzzled to help keep track of completed jigsaw puzzles.  My sister is into creating these books and she asked me about creating one for jigsaw puzzlers. I did not really have any idea of what that might look like but her end result looks pretty good to me! I had to take the photo of the book in the laying down position because it has a nice glossy soft-cover which catches all the light reflections and even mirrors me to a degree while taking an overhead photo. I wanted to capture the cover as best I could so I think I managed to get a good result shown above.


I like the fact that the Cover is a soft-cover as it is lightweight and flexible to put into your purse if you are going puzzle shopping - you can always double check if you have purchased the puzzles you see on the store shelf.  A hard cover is extra weight to carry around.  Upon opening the book, you get a nice dot-to-dot puzzle (if you like) and you can claim the book as yours and/ or add others too. The paper is a good quality, not shiny so the ink or pencil won't run or smudge.

The next 5 photos shares how I have filled in the details that are available plus a couple of ratings that I can refer to in the future. I like that it has a section for the 'Borrowed/Returned' as it is not uncommon to share puzzles and we rarely tend to keep track of that in our head LOL - I would be more apt to record that in this book if I did lend out my puzzles.....due to today's circumstances I have not lent any out. 

     I have referred to some of these jigsaw puzzles as gifts but actually they are puzzles that I chose to review for the Company. I might also suggest the "Bought/Gift" box to be a good place for the price if you know it and/or where it was purchased as well. The Start/Finish dates are handy and in my examples below, my puzzles have been assembled on backdates.

     I am lucky enough to have a colored printer and I have the technology to scale images small enough to fit into the photos box/space provided which is plenty big enough to recall the puzzle by the image. It's always a very nice added touch to have the colored photo included with the Record.


     This last image is a jigsaw puzzle Record that I do not have a printed image so it shares how I have jotted down some notes to refresh my memory of what the image was about. That works just as well too. 


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