Meet The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist

The jigsaw puzzle hobby of today is now enjoyed worldwide since the first wooden one was said to be cut by John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver, around 1760.

The following Puzzle Hobbyist's from around the world will share an individual view of their most favoured aspects of this activity. Let's start with me first (of course)......

Linda Richard is a VERY diversified jigsaw puzzle hobbyist. Her number one attraction to a jigsaw puzzle is "What activity does the puzzle have added to it making it one step above a basic puzzle?" Those traits have become a theme for her collection. That also means that those traits do not end there. To read more about this puzzle hobbyist CLICK HERE 

Puzzle Teacher, Puzzle Master is a highly respected jigsaw puzzle Blogger in Turkey. She has completed all  the large jigsaw puzzles including the World’s Largest 33,600 pieces titled Wildlife.  She has rallied up many jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts in Turkey for mini speed contests and the annual World Puzzle Days. To read more about this puzzle hobbyist CLICK HERE

Vee Petersen is our go-to-Gal for buying/selling/shipping our jigsaw puzzles around the world. She has years of experience with  Ebay, shipping rates and arranging jigsaw puzzles from overseas to the USA. She also shares her other talents such as jigsaw puzzle jewellery and fabricating replacement jigsaw puzzle pieces. To read more about this puzzle hobbyist CLICK HERE

Günther Simetsberger, is the founder of the World Puzzle Days which has completed it’s fourth year in 2016. He operates the event online from Austria and it runs from January 1 to February 28 each year where puzzler hobbyists from around the world join.  All members upload completed puzzles into the Event totalling over a million pieces in 2016. To read more about this puzzle hobbyist CLICK HERE

Anie Maltais is an Artist who created her images into the jigsaw puzzle format and started her own small business titled JaCaRou Puzzles. She sells her jigsaw puzzles from Quebec, Canada in stores and online. She requested the expert advice for her designs from the Group members producing puzzle images they wanted which has been a huge source for her success. To read more about this puzzle hobbyist CLICK HERE

Amalia Koslowski's gallery shares nearly 2000 images - surf her Blog.

Amalia lives in Breckerfeld, a small town of 9000 inhabitants in Germany. She has assembled jigsaw puzzles since she was a little child. After she moved to Breckerfeld in 2008 she re-started her passion and since then there's always a jigsaw puzzle on her table. To read more CLICK HERE

I feel pretty lucky with finding this story I get to share with you today.

With a few clicks I found myself chatting with our own Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Group member Isabel Gaete. To read more CLICK HERE

This is just the beginning of the numerous jigsaw puzzle hobbyist that will be presented here..

Please come back often for updates.......

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