Puzzle Hobbyist Anie Maltais 


Anie Maltais is a fellow Canadian Puzzle Hobbyist residing in Montreal, Quebec. She is also a new entrepreneur who owns JaCaRou Puzzles

She introduced her artwork to my Jigsaw Puzzle Connection's Group. Then used our advice and guidance to create images that we would be desired to buy. THAT is a crucial selling tactic and she has succeeded.

Her jigsaw puzzles are currently available (at this time of writing) in 4 stores across Canada or purchase her jigsaw puzzles online at  www.jigsawjungle.com

She is an active member of the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group and is the Admin for the Jigsaw Puzzles Sell or Trades USA/Canada

Read about her reviews at   JaCaRou Puzzle Blog 

You may contact her email by at  jacaroupuzzles@videotron.ca 

About Anie Maltais

I am a new entrepreneur that decided to start a project that would mean something to me. JaCaRou Puzzles began from my passion for jigsaw puzzles as a hobby. 

I enjoyed assembling different images so much that I imagined it would be fun to create my own and assemble it also. Having notions with drawing and some image editing programs and being very creative, I started to make images that would become puzzles. 

Few of my designs were made as personalized puzzles by a manufacturer that offers that service on line. Working them was so much fun, that I felt other puzzlers could have the same pleasure with my creations. 

The decision was made to have them produced in larger numbers and sell them to people sharing my interests. Here I am, few months later, with 13 unique colorful designs in great quality finished puzzles of 1000 pieces that compare with the best brands out there.

I am the creator of all pictures and final look of the boxes. Taking care of each detail is important to me. I like to treat different subjects and will go with my inspiration. But I also loves when people comment or suggest themes that I can explore.  

The main goal is to offer a product that I will be proud of and that I would buy and be happy with as a consumer. Mission accomplished. There are not many puzzle artists that owned their own brand… I am one of them. I put all her heart in my work and you will see it as soon as you try JaCaRou’s puzzles.  

Buying one will make you want more.




Kids Jigsaw Puzzles


Speaking of kids jigsaw puzzle, this may be a great opportunity for me to share a NEW one that was sent to me as a gift. The Artist is Anie Maltais. She lives in Quebec, Canada. She has been self-producing her artwork for two years.

I have worked a few of her adult, 1000 pieces but it was a real treat to be one of the firsts to 'test' her kids line of puzzles. And I am so self assured that I am not shy to share my opinion.


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