Amalia Koslowski Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist

Here I am again, awestruck by another sensational jigsaw puzzle hobbyist's collection. I discovered Amalia Koslowski's gallery after she joined the Group and I started to surf her Blog......and it was there that the golden jackpot hit my eyes.

Of course the words 'wooden' and 'vintage' were popping out at me as I scrolled through this magnificent plethora of puzzles. Such an enormous collection of completed puzzles ~ bring tea and maybe lunch because this is worth the view!!!

Amalia lives in Breckerfeld, a small town of 9000 inhabitants in Germany. She has assembled jigsaw puzzles since she was a little child.  Quote “I love to relax while assembling them”.  After she moved to Breckerfeld in 2008 she re-started her passion and since then there's always a jigsaw puzzle on her table.

After she finishes a jigsaw puzzle - large or small - she loves to take a good photo and show it in her blog as well as in her album at the German jigsaw puzzle forum.  Quote “I just collect vintage jigsaw puzzles related to the British Monarchy.” Amalia just swaps her other jigsaw puzzles so they never get framed.

She speaks of the German jigsaw puzzle forum; Quote “ I love the motivation given from the forum members and it helps me to assemble even difficult jigsaw puzzles like the Rosetta Stone (believe me it's a MUST SEE)  or the just-finished old map of Paris.

I love to assemble jigsaw puzzles and being within the community of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts because there's no wrong or right, but a wonderful journey on the way from hundreds of pieces to one complete jigsaw puzzle.” Isn't that just the truth, Amalia ~ well spoken for sure!!!!!

When asked about how many puzzles she has in her collection she replied, “I could say that I assemble about 120,000 pieces per year and that I assembled approximately 250-280 jigsaw puzzles per year.” Well ~ times that by about 7 years and she might have completed upwards towards 1800 puzzles so far......

However, she favours this 4000 piece – Castorland  (another MUST SEE) that was given as a present in 2013 and assembled during 24 days before Christmas. Sounds like there is a fond 'connection' to this jigsaw puzzle that shall remain untold at this time.

 Brand: Castorland                                  4002 Pieces                     Moszna Castle, Poland

To read more about Amalia's British Monarchy vintage jigsaw puzzle collection and view images please CLICK HERE


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