Puzzle Hobbyist Linda Richard

Where to start.....well let's begin with the jigsaw puzzle first and then move on to how my hobby has expanded to the level it is now.

Throughout my life I have always taken pleasure in the achievement of completing a complex puzzle image, usually one that most people (and a good majority of puzzlers) would not ever touch. Some of these were the M.C. Escher's paintings.

Then I started my jigsaw puzzle hobby to include types that held a uniqueness about them. For example the Pintoo Vase Jigsaw Puzzle titled British Flowers is 160-pieces, measuring 9.5 x 4.5 inches. It actually takes on water because it has a container in the inside.

From then on the search for my jigsaw puzzle hobby has expanded to anything and everything. I can be creative and crafty. I have some technical skills and I love to write. I am very organized and can multitask with the best of them.

ALL that has been tied into my puzzle hobby and I have shared my experiences with Social Medias in the form of Blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Groups. 

Since my connections with other like minded people I have received gifts from around the world to add to my puzzle hobby. I am always amazed at the kindness and generosity of these people who have allowed me to share their stories and puzzles with others.

This is one of my fondest ( and I will be posting more in the future) simply because it was so personalized. Take a look at this Letter "L" shaped jigsaw puzzle cut specifically for me by Antonia Sobral I have never been more impressed with a jigsaw puzzle than this one.

I also did a mini-email interview with her which you may read and see many photos: CLICK HERE

I have much more to write here so please check back often.


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