Jigsaw Puzzles Artist Profiles

Do you pay attention to who the Artist is when you buy your jigsaw puzzles?

I'll admit the Artist's name is usually not first and foremost for most of the ones I have purchased.

But as my jigsaw puzzle hobby grew I have learned a lot about the Artist's who do have their creativity sold in the form of puzzle products.


I get the feeling from many Group members that Artists play a significant role in their hobby selection. Some have even gathered Artists as a specific section of their collection (a little rhyme there .....heehee). I have done the same. Here are some of my favorite jigsaw puzzle Artists; 

Check out these little tid-bits I have discovered about Artist's jigsaw puzzles.

  1. There is the traditional Artist with paint and brushes displaying some very historical scenes. 
  2. There is the digital Artist using computers to create some of the most stunning images. 
  3. There is the photographer Artist capturing the world in it's finest second! 
  4. There is the project Artist who develops or produces physical objects or items in the form of jigsaw puzzles pieces and shapes.
  5. Some Artist's will manufacture their own merchandise then market it for sale.
  6. Some Artist's will sell their images to jigsaw puzzle companies for a certain period of time also known as licensing (say 3-4 years). That is how you can see the same image produced by two different jigsaw puzzle companies.
  7. Manufacturing companies will pay a percentage of sales to the Artist. 

For the purpose of this section, I have divided the Artist's jigsaw puzzles into the four Categories with links to the individual articles. 

Traditional Artist's Jigsaw Puzzles


Robert Bateman is a well known Canadian Artist born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and clearly has lived his life passionately. If you visit his website you will see a tremendous amount of dedication and contribution to the Art-world and society in general.  At the date of writing Robert Bateman is a resident of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. To read more please CLICK HERE


Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world's most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, as can be seen on the many websites on the internet. It is our pleasure to enjoy his artwork in the form of jigsaw puzzles. To read more about him please CLICK HERE


Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1946, Paul Palnik received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts. Paul now lives with his family in Columbus, Ohio. 

He has created drawings for International and American newspapers,  as well as corporations like American Greetings, Coca-Cola, and Dell Publishing. To read more about him please CLICK HERE


Eric Dowdle carries a line of painted images from around the world. His style is unique, colorful and attractive. The jigsaw puzzle piece shapes are cut somewhere between grid and shaped and the packaging of the puzzle pieces are extremely secure. To read more about Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles CLICK HERE

Photographer Artist's Jigsaw Puzzles


Carole Gordon is one of our favorite photographer for jigsaw puzzles. Her colours are so vivid and stunning which provide a real reward when assembled. To read more about her CLICK HERE


Ken Duncan shares more than just his photography in Australia. He holds workshop at his gallery, sells calendars and he created his brand of Panograph jigsaw puzzles.

Project Artist's Jigsaw Puzzles


Antonia Sobral is an amazing Artist jigsaw puzzle creator. I have received a wonderful gift of her work. I cannot give her enough credit for all the efforts she puts into her project. For more information about her please CLICK HERE


Dee Rogers does handcut custom wooden jigsaw puzzles. She sells them on Platinum Puzzles website. Her choice of images are so attractive but her wooden cuts are some of the most wonderful cuts.  To see some displays please CLICK HERE

Digital Artist's Jigsaw Puzzles


Anie Maltais is 3 years into the Digital Artist's Jigsaw Puzzles. She has self produced her own creative designs successfully. View her website store at JaCaRou Puzzles or to read more about her please CLICK HERE


John Padlo is an Artist who took the Kickstarter road to produce his jigsaw puzzle titled RayGun Extravaganza. He was successful in his venture......to read more about him please CLICK HERE


Lori Schory is very popular for her attractive, colorful and delightful images that are often sold as shaped jigsaw puzzles. She produces image that cover a variety of themes and seasonal holidays. Her works of art are truly amazing. 

More to come........

Jigsaw Puzzles by the Artists 

Anie Maltais

Lori Schory

Norman Rockwell

Eric Dowdle

Josephine Wall