Artist John Padlo's Ray Gun Jigsaw Puzzle

Ray Gun Extravaganza, 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, 12x36, Space Gun, Ray Gun, Smash Giant, John Padlo

Ray Gun Extravaganza

Artist: John Padlo

Size: 12" X 36" 

Pieces: 500 

This is another one of those firsts where I have the opportunity and pleasure to introduce another artist who has offered his artwork in the form of jigsaw puzzles.  

In 2015, John took on the venture of manufacturing his own line of jigsaw puzzles using his artwork. He set up a crowd-funding event to have his jigsaw puzzles pre-purchased before he placed his order with the Smash Giant Puzzles & Games company.  

He campaigned the crowd funding through the Facebook jigsaw puzzle Groups for months and achieved his goal. The jigsaw puzzles were produced and mailed to the 250 previously purchased owners just in time for the Christmas season.  

And I was one of those recipients of the Ray Gun Extravaganza, 500 piece, 12" x 36" Panoramic jigsaw puzzle which is a first printed limited edition.

I had an opportunity to complete this jigsaw puzzle in early January 2016. Here's some points I noted;

  • Starting with the packaging, it certainly exceeded most standards, being nicely sealed in plastic (I like that - makes me feel safe that all the pieces are there).  
  • The quality and size of the box is perfect for this size of puzzle. 
  • The box design display is very attractive and shares all the details in a nice reader-friendly manner including great background information on the back of the box (I like that - space is well utilized). 
  • The quality of the pieces meets the standards of great. They are thick and have an interesting shape-cut that click nicely. 
  • I did discover one little flaw while putting the pieces together. Even though the pieces clicked nicely, moving sections on the board was difficult because the pieces seem to separate when lifted slightly from the board. I was actually surprised when  it happened because it has been my experience with this level of jigsaw puzzle-piece-thickness, that a tight, snug fit would make it easier for moving sections. This was not the case and was the only drawback to this jigsaw puzzle experience. 
  • The image was  fun to work. Filled with areas of colour. I was able to sort the jigsaw puzzle pieces into piles and work through the piles to watch the image unfold before me. That is a huge pleasure for all jigsaw puzzlers. 
  • And as it goes with most jigsaw puzzlers, we get to see the finest details in the artwork and this one rates highly in those details on what appears to me to be retro ray guns.
  •  For a panoramic jigsaw puzzle, this was a good size fitting nicely on the board plus leaving room to lay out pieces above the puzzle work area. 

Overall, I would rate this jigsaw puzzle to meet the standards of most good quality jigsaw puzzle products aside from the small flaw of moving sections around within the jigsaw puzzle working area due to the cutting manufacturer.

But that is minor compared to the rest of the experience with John Padlo's Ray Gun Extravaganza

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