The Jigsaw Puzzle Book

It is my pleasure to write this review of Anne D. William’s The Jigsaw Puzzle Book. It was like having a very long conversation with another hobbyist. 

 The Jigsaw Puzzle Book, 
Piecing Together A History
by Anne D. Williams

The Jigsaw Puzzle - Piecing Together A History by Anne D. Williams is by far the most interesting non-fiction and pleasurable read I have had since I do not even remember.

I am simply and continuously amazed at all the different jigsaw puzzles that appear non-stop in our jigsaw puzzle world. BUT, I can tell you this.... Anne sheds a fantastic light on the early history and fact finding timeline of jigsaw puzzles and writes it in such an organized flow which gave me a very long and enjoyable read.

It's rare I do not want a book to end but I think I could have read this one if it continued on to 500 pages or more. She provided many superb interesting details and a plethora amount of information associated with jigsaw puzzles.

I actually felt myself evolving with the history of ancient jigsaw puzzles to the era of the early stages of computer jigsaw puzzles - that's how it flowed - along with excellent images and tidbits of this and that - AND she coated it with a her own personal experiences associated jigsaw puzzles which attached a human connection to the reader.

Also included were a couple of appendix's and one was of particular interest. It was titled Making Jigsaw Puzzles for Fun or for Sale.  It says (quote from book) "It introduces the basics of modern puzzle making, provides an overview of the puzzle industry and lists some additional resources that those who are considering a business venture should consult."

It touches on the cutting of wooden jigsaw puzzles and patterns while following up to computerized technologies. 

There is also a section with resources for Puzzle Entrepreneurs which provides titles of books and magazines to research should you be interested in this idea. 

The second Appendix is filled with several websites for puzzlers. It has links for museums, libraries, antiques, collectables, history, wooden, retailers, custom, virtual, business and trade magazines.

As I have said at the beginning of my review this was like having a pleasant conversation with another jigsaw puzzle hobbyist. I highly recommend reading her book if you would like to take a closer look at your passion.

This is the type of book to take on vacation, a bus trip or an is quite delightful and highly recommended.