Carole Gordon Jigsaw Puzzles

The majority of Carole Gordon jigsaw puzzles are loaded with colour and busy details.

In 1999, Carole Gordon decided to turn her photos to profits. Her images have been licensed to many 'big' name jigsaw puzzle companies. Her collage art is so brilliantly colourful making them an immediate stunning attraction of 'eye candy'.

I contacted Carole and requested a brief background on her career and she replied with the following......

Business Name: Carole Gordon, Photography Licensing



My expertise is as a Best Selling Decorative Photographer, specializing in complicated collages.

My richly-coloured images can be found on Ravensburger, White Mountain, Master Pieces, Ceaco and Springbok cardboard jigsaw puzzles and on ELMS and Wentworth wooden ones.

Puzzles by Carole Gordon are sold by a wealth of internet sites, including,, eBay,, and most puzzle stores online.

Search for "Carole Gordon Puzzles."

My business partner is my daughter, Brooke, who is my graphics designer. She inherited the same artistic eye! We work extremely well together creating imagery for puzzles and more.

The saturated colours, flawless composition and creative designs makes the puzzles practically "jump off the shelves!"

The above links are the Carole Gordon jigsaw puzzles that I could find available to buy new. However, if you are interested in the following titles by her, you may like to search Ebay or other online resources to locate previously loved ones. Type into your search engine, 

Carole Gordon + any one of the following titles:

  • Remember When
  • Beading Bliss
  • Button Beautiful
  • Festivities
  • Gone Fishin'
  • Juicy
  • Knit One, Purl Two
  • Lose Your Marbles!
  • Sugar Rush
  • A Touch of Glass
  • Holiday Glitz
  • Swan Lake
  • Sweet Christmas
  • Bowdacious
  • Fancy Feet
  • Hot Sox
  • Knit Shoppe
  • Smitten II