Anne D. Williams Jigsaw Puzzles
An Illustrated History and Price Guide

Does your jigsaw puzzle hobby hold a vintage gem or have you located a very rare looking one?

Whichever the case may be, you will have a better understanding of the value attached to it by referring to this book.


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Jigsaw Puzzles 

An Illustrated History and Price Guide

Author: Anne D. Williams

1990, 362 Pages


Keeping in mind the date of the book, you can look beyond that because a great portion of information in the book is based on details that apply to value. Take the following example.

Using Chapter 4, the value of jigsaw puzzles is broken down as follows (quoted from book)

  • general criteria for puzzle prices
  • visual appeal and subject matter
  • craftsmanship
  • condition
  • rarity
  • manufacturer and historical interest
  • size
  • type of market
  • state of the market today.....and the list goes on....

So now you can see your 'prize-puzzle' value is based on more than just the age. This is common among collector's items such as stamps, coins, baseball cards etc. The point being shared here is that your puzzle has value based on several conditions.

So where do you find out how much your jigsaw puzzle is worth today? Please scroll further down to the links for more information on that topic. 

However, IF you want to review a price guide or look for a particular puzzle within a certain era, Anne definitely has it covered. The book illustrates 750 photos with several in colour. Each photo is categorized into the price guide on page 326 with a dollar figure beside it. Note the value is based on the time of writing but it will give you a 'general' idea.


I think it was important for her to start with the brief history, then a follow up with the major manufacturers in the industry and finally 'How to Develop a Jigsaw Puzzle Collection'. That brought a lot of clarification, solid background and built depth into me as a collector and hobbyist. So now I have been 'schooled' on the subject.

Chapters 5 to 15 inclusive presents the pictures (some sections in colour) of some of the most extremely rare puzzles in the world's collection. It's like viewing an exhibition in a book! I glossed over every picture and read each detail as the eras unfolded before my eyes. So many interesting images, cutting styles and geographical locations where they were produced, were chronologically presented to the reader.


Anne then continues to cover puzzle related items such as postcards, books and games followed by an outlook for puzzles in the future.

The last section of her book has lists of the selected Bibliography, American Puzzle Manufacturers and an Index of Puzzle Titles which I find most handy and have referenced often.

Personally I found this book to completely cover all my questions regarding the value of jigsaw puzzles. If you are interested in locating this book you may like to try eBay or some of the online stores.

To contact Anne D. Williams please email:  

This is the second book by Anne D. Williams titled Jigsaw Puzzles   - An Illustrated History and Price Guide which I highly recommend as a great resource for hobbyist and collectors.

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One more IMPORTANT note on the value of jigsaw puzzles. When researching the internet for the value of your jigsaw puzzle be mindful of pricing on websites like eBAY where the seller may be overpricing the value (in some cases ridiculously)......PLEASE do the proper research.

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