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Often the question has been posted in the Jigsaw Puzzle Groups: Is there a Springbok ‘master’ list of jigsaw puzzles? There is a list but it is not complete. It starts at 1964 but is incomplete. That means the listing is getting close to completed with over 2800 Springbok jigsaw puzzles listed.


The Springbok list we are referring to in this article has been compiled by Trevor McDougall of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who currently boasts of 311 Springbok jigsaw puzzles in his collection. There are other lists out there but none as extensive as this one as far as we have researched to this date of January 2019. 

The Springbok list uses the Excel file format which can be used with the Google Spreadsheet online platform. There is a PDF file available which is 42 pages and you may view/download it, just  CLICK HERE

The following shows examples of the way the lists are viewed in the Excel format followed by the Springbok jigsaw puzzle List. When you click on the link it will automatically download the file. Therefore, you can easily search these files to locate your Springbok puzzle by the Authentication product number or title of the jigsaw puzzle if you know. 

There are also other statistics on this comprehensive list.  I do have to wonder why Springkbok was the  choice of brands to start this list in the first place, don't you?


Here is an example of a Springbok side panel box which shares the following details;

Brand: Springbok Christmas jigsaw puzzle

Pieces: 500 pieces

Titled: Christmas Keepsakes 

Size: 18 x 23.5 inches 

Hallmark Authentication product number XZL3452

The Springbok jigsaw puzzle Hallmark Authentication number is located on the side of the box as shown in the image to the left.

In this case, the Hallmark Authentication product number XZL3452.

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List Excel file

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