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The More To Jigsaw Puzzle Than Pieces a delightful, easy read. It provides loads of valuable advice on 60+ topics relating to jigsaw puzzles plus the Author's years of experience shares extra interesting thoughts.  CLICK TO BUY HERE  


Get It Together Piece By Peace Journal 6"x9" 120 Pages Notes Daily Writing Puzzle Lists   CLICK TO BUY HERE  


This book has an Index to make easy access to each puzzle's information. This Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Logbook will prove indispensable for all serious puzzlers. Book size: 6" x 9", soft cover, 155 pages. CLICK TO BUY HERE  


You need somewhere to track all those completed puzzles? This nifty pocket-sized BePuzzled logbook is perfect for you.  You are able to record essential information in template form. Book size: 6" x 9". CLICK TO BUY HERE  


Shaped Word Search Puzzles Christmas Theme 8.5" x 11" Adults And Teens: 20+ Shapes, 50+ puzzles, Over 1000 Words

Extra fun shaped word search puzzles for gift-quality stocking stuffers this year. Retreat into the spirit of Christmas with word searches based on the holiday season, traditions, music, family memories and more.

Get back to calm with these brain activity word search puzzles to help relax your mind during the most busiest time of the year. Share the fun with the whole family during the holiday season. Shaped puzzles add visual entertainment that fulfill the celebration of the season.


  • 50+ Christmas themed puzzles
  • Most puzzles have 20 words to find
  • 1000+ Words to search
  • Inside white pages
  • Page size print 8.5" x 11"

This is a mindful gift for the adults or teens on your list. For the word search puzzler, the shaped puzzles will be a delightful addition and change to the standard square shape. Puzzles created by puzzlers for puzzlers.

Free eBooks - Jigsaw Puzzle Tracker - Reading Hobby List - Colouring Hobby Record -  Downloadable Links


The Puzzle Hobby Tracker is a downloadable Printable PDF file used to track many details related to your jigsaw puzzle hobby. There are pages that consist of: Master List with photo entries, Quality Rating System Time Sheet - time up to 8 puzzles at a time with 5 sessions each, Monthly sheets Wish List, Favorites and more DOWNLOAD HERE  


The Reading Hobby List is a downloadable PDF file used to keep an inventory of your reading library books. The pages consist of: Master List with photos entries, Book Rating System, Time Sheet - time up to 8 books at a time with 5 sessions each, Monthly sheets Wish List, Favorites DOWNLOAD HERE  


The Coloring Hobby Record is a downloadable PDF printable file used to Record all your coloring sheets. The pages consist of: Master List with photos entries per page, Coloring Tools Rating System Time Sheet - time up to 8 coloring sheets at a time with 5 sessions each, Monthly sheets Wish List, Favorites. DOWNLOAD HERE  

Variety Bookshop


My Previously Watched Movie List TV Series & Episodes Guide - BINGE WATCHER’S BOOK {1} LIST all your TV Shows / Series / Episodes / MoviesTV Show Section ONE (25 listings per page - 20 pages) {2}TV Series/Episodes Section TWO (25 entries per page - 40 pages) {3}Movie Section THREE (25 listings per page - 20 pages) {4}Watch List Section FOUR (17 Pages). CLICK TO BUY HERE  


Discover The Gratitude Experience: A Path To Your Mental Wellness -- Discover for yourself why Gratitude is so powerful. Have you heard how Gratitude may help your brain or may help you with happiness? Take daily action to really experience the effects of Gratitude. By intentionally focusing on the positive realities day by day, we modify our attitude and thinking to recognize just how much we truly have to be thankful for. CLICK TO BUY HERE  


My Personal Babyboomer Retirement book is an interactive workbook to record personal information, memories and a journal of your retirement life so you may share it with family and loved ones. Record family, health, fitness, travel, finances with fill-in charts, fill-in records, pictures, your personal biography, and keep important contacts in each topic. More than 70 pages specifically for journaling. CLICK TO BUY HERE  


The Complete Christmas Management Planner can help you with these questions... "How do I start preparing for Christmas? How much money should I save for Christmas? What should I do 3 days before Christmas?" This interactive workbook will get you going in the right direction so you will have time to enjoy your Christmas.CALENDAR OF EVENTS AT A GLANCE - 12 blank weeks to arrange dates during the festive season. CLICK TO BUY HERE  

Self Help Bookshop


The Personal Health Handbook includes Emergency Phone Numbers, Medical History, Medications Record, Your Food Intake, Sleep Habits, Weight Loss, Exercise Schedules, Record Symptoms, Calories Counts, Weekly use for one year, Appointments, and Health Notes. CLICK TO BUY HERE  


The Personal Fitness Handbook includes Emergency Phone Numbers, Medical Alert Conditions, Allergy Alert Conditions, Annual and Personal Progress, Daily Personal Progress, Daily Health / Fitness for 100 Days , Monthly Personal Progress, Food Energy Reference Chart, Food/Meals Energy Counts, Activity/Exercise Schedule CLICK TO BUY HERE  


The Personal Organizer Handbook includes Emergency Phone Numbers, Family/ Friends Contact List, Daily Organizer for 1 Year, Monthly and Annual Calendars, Movie Log Bills/ Payments, My Gift (Wish) List, Family / Friends Gift List, Internet Websites, Shopping Internet Websites CLICK TO BUY HERE  


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE