Coloring Hobby Record

The Coloring Hobby Record is a downloadable Excel digital file used to Record all your coloring sheets.

The 20 pages consist of:

  • Master List with photos
  • 500 entries per page
  • Coloring Tools Rating System
  • Time Sheet - time up to 8 coloring sheets at a time with 5 sessions each
  • Monthly sheets
  • Wish List, Favorites and more....

Benefits of the Coloring Hobby Record

  • Get started right away
  • This is the only file you will ever need in your life
  • Keep a very accurate list of your collection including a photo
  • Rate the Quality of the tools (markers, crayons, pens, pencil crayons) to determine future purchases
  • Many details about coloring are documented 
  • Record your 'most wanted coloring books' on the Wish List - delete it when you get it
  • Record your completed sheets on the Master sheet AND which month you colored it
  • You can time up to 8 coloring projects at a the same with 5 sessions for each one. This will show you how much time you spend on coloring
  • Track your total colored sheets over the lifetime of your workbook. You enter the number in the column and it AUTO-ADDS the amount into the totals at the top of the page
  • Track how much money you spend on your coloring tools and books
  • Keep your favorites on a separate sheet
  • Email the most updated version to your mobile *phone/device before you go shopping for new books or tools - this way you can check to see if you own these items you are considering to purchase (*if your phone/device has the capability to open the file)
  • Upload/share your file to the Facebook Coloring Groups for others to see
  • Use the Extra pages to set up custom Records for yourself; like a certain theme of topics, could be Holidays (Christmas), categories (flowers) or themes (Zen).

Features of the Coloring Hobby Record

  • Downloadable instantly
  • 500 entries per page = 10,000 entries
  • Formulas are embedded for calculations
  • Tools Rating system (pens, pencil crayons, markers etc)
  • Date, Brand/Book, Title/Artist, notes, photo
  • Add to Wish List
  • Track every colored project sheet
  • One Master page to list all colored project sheets
  • Track colored project sheets monthly
  • Track TIME up to 8 sheet with 5 sessions for each project
  • Track total colored project sheets 
  • Track total costs for books and/or Tools (markers, etc)
  • Custom pages to your desire (Holidays, Animals, Zen, etc)
  • How TO's page - also available to print CLICK HERE
  • Email file to phone for access to the file (if phone device has this option)
  • Uses Excel* for Windows* and Mac*
  • Can open in the Free version of Excel called Apache Open Office *

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The Coloring Hobby Record uses the *Excel software program on Windows and Mac devices. The Apache OpenOffice Calc is a free downloadable software program that is similar to Excel. Use of these products by the User is at the User's risk.