A Puzzle Community


We were recently contacted by Rubén Moreno who introduced us to his jigsaw puzzle community website.

Rightfully so, it's title is A Puzzle Community.

It is a great resource for Puzzlers around the world.

You may become a Member for free and have access to several different options. 

There is the Events List, Puzzle List and Post List. You can check out the Buy/Sell sections or add your own post with interesting puzzle stories. Those are some of the options available. You will even see the Puzzle Hobby Magazine listed there under publications as shown below. AND puzzles???? SO many puzzle to chose from! Click here to join A Puzzle Community now!


Let's Introduce the Founder of A Puzzle Community

Hi! I am Rubén Moreno. My profession as a software engineer allowed me to join in this project my passion for puzzles with my vocation for web development, managing to put together the biggest puzzle that I have tried so far, literally millions of pieces. I know that some pieces are missing, surely some leftover, if you find one that does not fit correctly, do not hesitate to let me know ;)


The following images share some of the links available on A Puzzle Community.  They continue to add new locations around the world and new social media channels along with more Event types. 

Please feel free to contact them to add your jigsaw puzzle information onto their extensive platform.  



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