Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles - Gallery

Just in case you are interested in trying different shaped jigsaw puzzles, this Gallery shares what images are available. They do get lots of attention and some are more challenging than others. They certainly are a lot of fun with the edges being the trickiest of you would not likely start with the border....just sayin'......

Submitted by Ruth Fowler. Sleigh Ride Ornament Shaped Ambassador 500+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, 23 x 29"
Submitted by: Ruth Fowler - Bits & Pieces Geisha, 600 pieces, 20 x 27 inches
My Heart Rose, shaped jigsaw puzzle. Puzzled by Edna Mefford.
FX Schmid, Celebration of Milestones, 1000 pieces, size 36x22. Linda Richard
Antonia Sobral, Pulza-pulzo jigsaw puzzle
Letter L - 66 pieces, 23.5" x 11", gift from Antonia Sobral, Brazil
Springbok 1972, Florentine Mosaic, 500+ pieces. approx. 15x15" Cassia Lancaster
Brand: MasterPieces Title: Pony Tails Artist: Jenny Newland Pieces: 550 Size: 19.25x24.75 or 49x63cm, - Linda Richard
Gingerbread House, Bits and Pieces - Elissa Della-Piana, 300 pieces, 25"x 25" - Linda Richard

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