Jigsaw Puzzle Tips-Tricks

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Welcome! Here is your free access to the online Jigsaw Puzzle Tips and Tricks book.


Know these basics first thing:

There are NO rules, right or wrong ways to do jigsaw puzzles. What some puzzlers consider cheating others consider 'assembling smarter'.

It is possible that all puzzles 'could' be missing a piece and you will never know IF all the pieces are there unless you assemble it yourself. I say that because I have experienced brand new sealed puzzles with missing pieces more than 3 times. It happens at the factory level. Contact the puzzle company to see if they offer replacement puzzles or pieces as many companies do provide that service.

It's ok to use the picture on the box or the numbers/letters on the back of the puzzle pieces. The purpose of the numbers on the back of the puzzle pieces is so more puzzlers will enjoy doing the puzzle without getting frustrated.

IF you are not enjoying the time you spend doing your current jigsaw puzzle leave it uncompleted and move on to a different one.

There are just too many good puzzle images out there to enjoy and there are many images out there that are not suitable for every one.

Happy puzzling,

The Puzzle Hobby Team

Puzzle Tips-Tricks Table of Contents

Page 6      Keynotes About Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 8      Benefits Of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 11    For Newbies - Choosing a Puzzle

Page 13    Puzzle Piece Sizes | Puzzle Total Size In Measurements

Page 15    Sorting Or Raking The Pieces

Page 16    Counting Pieces Does Not Confirm All The Pieces Are There

Page 18    Difficult Images - Spot Them Before You Buy Them

Page 19    Used Or Previously Loved Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 23    Tips And Tricks Generally Speaking

Page 26    Dust, Mould, Smells, Pet Fur, Musty Puzzle Pieces

Page 29    Great Ideas For Boards

Page 31    4 Accessories To Improve Your Puzzling Experience

Page 33    Accessory 1 - Trays Review

Page 35    Accessory 2 - Mats Review

Page 37    Accessory 3 - Puzzle Lid Stands Review

Page 40    Accessory 4 - Puzzle Scoop Review

Page 41    Puzzle Company Brands - Rated

Page 45    DIY Lid Stand - Download Template

Page 46    Puzzle Lighting Is So Important

Page 48    Tables For Sitting And Standing

Page 50    How To Replace Missing Pieces

Page 53    How To Glue A Puzzle Or No Glue Method

Page 56    Frames Hanging It On The Wall

Page 57    How, Where To Store Completed Puzzles

Page 59    Shaped Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 60    Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 63    Plastic Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 67    Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 68    Colour-Me Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 69    Funky Borders Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 70    Stereogram Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 72    3D Plastic Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 75    Artists Who License Their Work

Page 79    Books About Jigsaw Puzzles

Page 81    Record Tracking Book

Page 84   Free Tracking Sheet Ideas

Page 85   Merchant Design Collection Of Products

Page 88    Puzzle Hobby Directory


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