Jigsaw Puzzle Events

Looking to see details on upcoming Jigsaw Puzzle Events? We have some listed here. Got an Event? Submit it using the form below.


Here's the details for the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship IF you happen to be in Valladolid, Spain during June 23-26-2022. CLICK HERE for more details.

There is an International Jigsaw Puzzle Convention going to happen in Las Vegas on July 8, 9 and 10 in 2022. There is so much to see! CLICK HERE for more details.

Join in the fun this Summer at the Puzzle Parley. Have you registered for the 2022 Puzzle Parley that will be held July 22-24th in Sturbridge, Massachusetts yet? CLICK HERE for more details.

The Puzzle Olympics is an online Event that is played through a Facebook Group.  The Events starts May 14th with the last of the games ending August 15th. CLICK HERE for more details.

More to come...

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You may like to use some of these puzzle for the Event...

Ravensburger Astrology - 9000 Piece Puzzle
Stars of the Zodiac, 540 Piece 3D Spherical Jigsaw Puzzle Made by Unicorn
Zodiac Circular Jigsaw Puzzle by James Hamilton Grovely by MIND GAMES
YouMiYa Framless Raphael 1000PCS Zodiac Horoscope Puzzle Toys DIY Constellation Puzzles

Sunsout Wolf jigsaw puzzles

Call of the Night a 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Sunsout Inc.
Snow Wolf 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOut
Too Close for Comfort 500 Pc Jigsaw Puzzle by SunsOut