Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention

The Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (JPiC®️), presented by Ravensburger, is coming to Berlin, Germany on May 18, 19 and 20, 2023 at Estrel Berlin Hotel and Convention Center. Get your Tickets to JPiC today!

BERLIN GERMANY, MAY 18 - 20, 2023

After an impressive convention in Las Vegas, the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is coming to Berlin Germany from May 18 to 20, 2023. Holiday Special: Tickets up to 40% off until December 31st, 2022.

JPiC Club Membership at €99 grants FREE access to all conventions for 5 years. Offer JPiC for Christmas. Next convention: May 18, 19, 20, 2023 Berlin, Germany.

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention is coming to Berlin Germany from May 18 to 20, 2023

Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention in Berlin

Take this opportunity to discover a new passion, socialize, and share an incredible experience with jigsaw puzzle fanatics from around the world. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert puzzler, you will surely fit in! With an entry ticket to JPiC you can:

  • Admire the jigsaw puzzle exhibition in our Art Gallery
  • Enjoy completing puzzles in our Chill & Relax Zone
  • Add your masterpiece to the Arts & Crafts Collaborative Mural
  • Donate and swap your puzzles for charity in our Puzzle Exchange Zone
  • Get together in our VIP Lounge with celebrities
  • Drop-off kids in Playground Area
  • Participate in speed puzzling competitions to win prizes
  • Take part in the Ultimate Challenge and attempt to set a world record
  • Join a workout session to ease your puzzler’s pains.
  • Listen to guest speakers on Center Stage including Guinness World record holders, PuzzleGrammers, artists and authors
  • Learn tips and tricks from experts
  • Share your ideas with leaders to help improve the puzzling experience
  • Attend the JPiC Award Ceremony
  • Shop to add more jigsaw puzzles to your collection
  • Win amazing prizes
  • Meet with jigsaw puzzle brands
  • FREE Access to the Filigree Expo

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA July 8, 9 and 10 - 2022  

Contacts and Social Media

Updates about the JPiC

As the Event date get closer more details about the JPiC are made public:

  • One thing JPiC intends to do when entering the Metaverse with a fully 3D immersive puzzling experience is offer businesses to have their whole collection or catalogue digitalized so online puzzlers can complete them at a lower cost or even shop for the real one online and have it delivered. The possibilities for any business are endless if they join JPiC and our PuzzleVerse.
  • We will be developing fully immersive 3D puzzle games in TCG World Metaverse. 
  • Companies could have their collections digitalized or even their store on our metaverse land (PuzzleVerse or Puzzle Land), that is why the Metaverse is linked to PUZL Coin. By digitalizing their collection, they increase their revenue, which can then be reinvested more easily to develop new designs or sign with new artists. New markets can discover a brand, their collection and their artists without any shipping costs.
  • Current guest speakers: Jill Walterbach (World's Largest Handcut Wood Puzzle), The Enigma, (full-body jigsaw-puzzle tattoo)The Hamilton Family (the family has completed over 200 Christmas puzzles) and Dr. Linda Miller (Dr. Miller’s specialty is helping pre-millennium companies find post-millennium success).

JPiC meets Shark Tank Malta and a Deal is made...watch below.

Buy Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention Merchandise

Special thanks to Karine Dery for sending me the JPiC logo coffee mug. It's a big cup and the logo looks terrific. Get your merchandise here: SHOP



Aside from our two Guiness World Record holders, Jill Walterbach and The Enigma, JPIC welcomes the Hamilton family from Dallas, Texas: Randy, his wife Kay and their three sons, Randy, Blane and Ross. The Hamiltons completed a Christmas jigsaw puzzle in 1978 and, since then, made it a tradition to puzzle together during Christmas. Today, the family has completed over 200 Christmas puzzles. They will be showcasing their full collection and sharing their story on our center stage.

JPIC welcomes artist and puzzler Tim Klein. Tim combines portions from two or more jigsaw puzzles to make a surreal puzzle montage. He will share with us some of his artwork and talk about his adventures.

JPiC's five competitions and Ultimate Challenge spots are filling up fast. Space is limited, so we suggest speed puzzlers register early.

For your information, JPiC is an ecosystem comprised of the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention (2022 edition in Las Vegas and 2023 edition in Europe), JPiC Marketplace, jigsaw puzzle NFTs, PUZL Coin and the development of a fully immersive  jigsaw puzzle experience in the metaverse (a major upgrade to today's online jigsaw puzzles ), all this to

cater to all types of puzzlers.


Here's our update with Karine Déry, the CEO/Founder of the JPiC (Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention) for March.

All the rules for the competitions and the Ultimate Challenge are up on the website. Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 (not just the top 3). Cash prizes and possibly a trip.

We are planning a new activity called "Just one more piece" where puzzlers will try to add just one more piece to a 250 piece puzzle, then one more piece to a 300 piece puzzle, then one more piece to a 500 piece puzzle and so on with 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000! We will find out who the best puzzlers really are.

The Enigma, a Guinness World record holder (our second one after Jill Walterbach) for his 2,123 puzzle pieces tattooed on his body, will be performing on our center stage each day of the convention.

We have reached out to Karen Puzzles too, as she also holds a Guinness World Record and is an important piece in the jigsaw puzzle community.

Our website jpic.club has been updated this week.  A second website dedicated to PUZL Coin and NFTs has been launched for those interested. www.puzlnft.com

So there's the update for March 2022 with lots happening between now and showtime in July, 2022, barely 4 months away!  Stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Special thanks to Karine for her time.


I have an update from Karine Déry and here's what she has to share with us this month...

"We will showcase the Guiness World Record jigsaw puzzle of 101,010 pieces that was entirely cut by the artist Jill Walterbach. She will be on our center stage talking about her journey and answering questions.

We are also in contact with another Guiness World record holder. Artist, performer and entertainer The Enigma who has 2,123 puzzle pieces tattooed on his full body.

JPiC Competitions: Adult Singles, Adult Pairs, Adult Teams, Junior (11-15 yo) and Mini (5-10 yo). Rules for all 5 competitions will be posted on our website and social media accounts next week.

Details about how the Ultimate Challenge (a team of expert puzzlers that will attempt to complete the largest puzzles in the world) will run during the 3 day event, will also be posted. Other activities than the ones listed are being added, turning the traditional convention into a theme park for puzzlers."


jigsaw-puzzle-conventionPUZL Coin

I had a chance to chat with Karine Déry, the CEO/Founder of the JPiC (Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention). She had recently announced that she has a 54000 piece jigsaw puzzle on order which she is still waiting for delivery. The "Travel Around Art" is the current world's largest  and she tells me it comes in 27 bags - WOW!  In the meantime, she just received a 6000 piece Clementoni that comes in one bag which she is hoping to complete and showcase at the Convention's Art Gallery... THAT will be challenging!

I asked if the Floor Plans for the Convention on the website were up to date and she said no, as they have partners in Las Vegas, Alliance, that are creating an official Autocad layout. She said Alex (JPiC Co-Founder) is traveling to Vegas in a couple of weeks to finalize the floor plan.

I asked when will you have a complete list of confirmed Vendors for public viewing and she replied at the end of February. Our target is currently a minimum of 500 vendors.

I wondered if there is anything significant that I should mention such as upcoming promos or deadlines or cutoff times? She answered "No, but we strongly recommend visitors buy their tickets online, reserve a hotel room with one of our partners and, if interested, sign up for the competitions as well and as early as possible because of limited availability."

I mentioned about any suggestions that visitors should be made aware of in advance regarding the local situations or restrictions? She advised that visitors at JPiC must be vaccinated according to the regulations put in place by the governor of Nevada.

Finally I questioned what kind of updates should/can we expect between now and the event date? She replied with the following:

- list of vendors, sponsors and speakers

- complete details and rules for the competitions

- Award Ceremony Gala Categories and nominations

- Celebrities in attendance

- Metaverse announcements (virtual reality immersive puzzling)

- Development of  jigsaw puzzle mobile apps.

- launching PUZL Coin on the Exchange

- We currently launched the only Jigsaw Puzzle NFT Collection in the world.

So there's the update for January 2022 with lots happening between now and showtime in July, 2022, barely 6 months away!  Stay tuned for more updates as they become available. Special thanks to Karine for her time.

Interview with Laurel McHargue

Here's the take aways I got from the Laurel McHargue interview with Karine Déry and Alexandre Ouaknine, the founders of the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention. 

Seems like Karine has found a missing piece to the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles - an International Convention! It is going to be featured in Las Vegas in July 2022. It will run for 3 days, July 8, 9 and 10.

For all the Visitors - the price is right! The prices are listed below:


This will be a high end Event which will attract many of the major Jigsaw Puzzle Companies however the real treat is for the Puzzlers and Visitors alike that will discover many activities during the event 'such as but not limited too', as they are keeping some things as a surprise for us!

  • Each person will receive a 'Walk in Kit' (sounds like a 'goodie bag' to me!) that will provide ALL the information, calendar of events, types of displays and other unmentionables for you to plan your 3 day attendance.
  • There will be established Puzzle Companies among NEW companies
  • You will have an opportunity to listen to Panel Discussions about the Benefits of Puzzling, the Social Media surrounding jigsaw puzzles and what the Manufacturers have to say about upcoming puzzles and/or innovative ideas that are coming in the future
  • They will have jigsaw puzzle competitions set up
  • Each Visitor will have an opportunity to design (paint, draw etc) their own 'signature' puzzle piece that will be collected to create a super-sized puzzle in the future
  • One of the World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzles (it's a secret) will be set up for assembly during the 3 day Event

Here is a more detailed list of what you will encounter during your visit:

  • Exhibition by the world’s leading brands
  • Gallery of biggest puzzlers’ collections
  • Discover new and existing brands
  • Purchase puzzles from retailers
  • Meet jigsaw puzzle artists and authors
  • Conference with jigsaw puzzle influencers
  • Auction of rare jigsaws for Charity
  • Special events and competition
  • Tips on boards, tables, glues and frames
  • Get a personalized jigsaw puzzle
  • Benefits of puzzling from professionals
  • Posture advice to solve Puzzler’s pains
  • Exchange your jigsaw puzzles on site
  • Donate puzzles to Charity
  • Add to jigsaw puzzle collaborative mural
  • Win prizes just by attending
  • Fans can participate as public speakers
  • Live podcast from the event floor

Some more facts of interest...

You can join the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention Club that already has approximately 500 members

The Events Calendar will reveal the List of Exhibiters in September

Laurel McHarge will be doing a book signing

For potential Exhibitors, arrangements have been made to ship your displays, products etc in advance which will be stored in a secure facility

Also for potential Exhibiters, you will need to submit a contact form for pricing as it is not listed on the website. There are variations that need to be determined via communication

Here is a really special idea: There is going to be a designated area for the Autism Society along with curricular activities and special programs for families who are familiar with Autism

They refer to a backup plan they have in place should the pandemic still be an issue but hopefully not

There's an Awards Night???


Jigsaw Puzzle Awards  Ceremony 

Exhibitors or any company involved in the jigsaw puzzle industry can be nominated to win in any of the mentioned categoriesm. If your company does not have a representative to receive the award, you will be notified and the Award will be sent to you.

Vote in all the categories for your favorite puzzles, artists, brands and more to help us determine the Award Winners!

The votes collected here will determine the winners of the Awards at a special Jigsaw Puzzle Awards Ceremony Dinner taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday July 9, 2022 during the 1st Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention.

The Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live over the internet! New categories added regularly. Contact us to suggest new categories or to Nominate a company.

Who is behind this epic Event....


Alexandre Ouaknine
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
LinkedIn Facebook Youtube Laurel McHargue’s Podcast Sigma TV

"CTO consultant with 30+ years experience of international business in IT, I learn to live and love jigsaw puzzles because of Karine!

I have travelled to various countries and speak multiple languages. I enjoy scuba diving and puzzling and now, I am proud to be one of the organizers of this amazing convention."


Karine Dery MBA
Founder, CEO & Puzzle Addict.
LinkedIn Facebook Laurel McHargue’s Podcast

"I started completing jigsaw puzzles at a young age, when shopping online and taking pictures with a cell phone wasn’t even possible.

Over the years, my hobby taught me some valuable life lessons, helped me develop management skills and lower my stress and anxiety levels. (Maybe one day, I’ll share those lessons in a book!)"


"From helper to puzzler in no-time. In the last couple of months, I completed two Lego Puzzles of 1,000 pieces each by myself. I enjoy spending time puzzling with my mom and I am excited to help her piece together this event! I am looking forward to meeting other children in this one-of-a-kind convention!"

It sure is thrilling to know someone way overseas has been reading my book in such wonderful surroundings. While I do enjoy seeing my book to the right there, I am especially interested in those gorgeous flowers that are the centre piece of the restaurant where this photo is shared from. MANY special thanks to Karine!

Take a look at Karine...She recently purchased my book, 'There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces'. In this image she has just finished enjoying breakfast at one of the many harbours in Malta where she now resides.


Enjoy the Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention in Las Vegas!


Imagine jigsaw puzzle companies and visitors from around the world gathering in the beautiful and entertaining city of Las Vegas Nevada USA


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