Jigsaw Puzzle Olympics 2020

Puzzle Hobby is pleased to help promote this NEW jigsaw puzzle event. The Puzzle Olympics runs from May 14th to August 15th and includes Junior Olympics for the children.

The Raffle draws are listed below. Please use the following link to get more information and enjoy the FUN!!!

Puzzle Olympics 2020 Facebook Group Links to all PDF file details

To ask questions or for information about the event, please go to: facebook.com/groups/PuzzleOlympicsTraining

To register and participate in the event, please go to: facebook.com/groups/PuzzleOlympics2020

To read all the information for the Puzzle Olympics, please go to:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PuzzleOlympics2020/files/


After each round there will be a raffle for all players who:

  1. Posted at least one puzzle in that round.
  2. Registered in the registration album.
  3. Have a continental US shipping address.
  4. Have not won a prize in a previous raffle.

Each raffle will award three puzzle prizes at random as follows:

  • Puzzle Olympics Gold prize – 1000+ piece puzzle
  • Silver prize – 500+ piece puzzle
  • Junior Olympics Bronze prize – 100 piece Olympic Games themed puzzle

Junior Olympians who choose to post their puzzle in the Puzzle Olympics album will be eligible for the gold prize and silver prize for that round (not the bronze prize).

Junior Olympians are eligible for the raffle in only one event for each round:

Puzzle Olympics or Junior Olympics.


An additional raffle will be conducted after the event conclusion for players who participate in all six rounds and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. The player has posted at least one puzzle in all six rounds.
  2. The player has registered in the registration album.
  3. The player has a continental US shipping address.