Jigsaw Puzzle Olympics 2022


2022 Puzzle Olympics Dates, Registration and Regulations

Puzzle Hobby is pleased to help promote the 3rd year of the Puzzle Olympics 2022 Event. It runs from May 14th to August 15th and includes Junior Olympics for the children.  Please use the following link to get more information and enjoy the FUN!!!

Puzzle Olympics 2022 Facebook Group Links to all PDF file details

Join the third annual Summer Puzzle Olympics Games is starting in May!

Save the date and tell all your puzzle friends!

The Puzzle Olympics is a fun, online, non-competitive event, open to all ages and all countries.

The Junior Olympics is for children of all ages, with no minimum or maximum number of pieces or puzzles required.

2022 Puzzle Hobby Details

Welcome to the third annual Puzzle Olympics!

We are happy you are here to share the love of puzzles with your fellow Olympians. Please take the time now to carefully read all the rules so you can prepare yourself to enjoy the Puzzle Olympics and thanks for joining!

1. Read the rules on the FILES page

2. Register on the ALBUMS page

2022 Puzzle Olympics Training

For news, questions, suggestions, ideas, or to volunteer to help, join our “training” group to get ready for the Summer Puzzle Games at:


2022 Puzzle Olympics Facebook Albums

To ask questions or for information about the event, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2022puzzlegames 

To register and participate in the event, please go to: Puzzle Olympics Registration form