Groups and Memberships

Are you interested in becoming a Member of the jigsaw puzzle How about a Facebook Group or other jigsaw puzzle Community? Take a look at our list here: 

The USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association Membership

Here's a well organized Association Membership that has plenty entertaining activities. Learn more: CLICK HERE

A Puzzle Community

Even from down in Argentina, the jigsaw puzzle community on this Page is huge. Learn more: CLICK HERE

Puzzle Pal Choice Awards

This is an Annual Activity and a large list of options. Be sure to follow them for update on their website. Learn more:  CLICK HERE (Coming soon)

Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group

There are several online jigsaw puzzle social media links available on this Page like, Facebook Pages, Groups, Instagram, Twitter, etc Learn more CLICK HERE

More to come...


We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE

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