Standout Falling Stars Jigsaw Puzzle

To buy the Standout Falling Stars jigsaw puzzle or to see more from this company please CLICK HERE as I highly recommend them!

Take a closer look at these following images for some good details and quality of their puzzles.

Brand: Standout Puzzles

Title: Falling Star

Artist: Alex Fong

Pieces: 750

Size: 18" x 24"

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:    Great

Board Quality: Great

Shape Cut: Ribbon/grid 

Image Quality: great

Hardest Area: Rooftops with snow

Puzzle Dust? very small amount

Finish Quality: Smooth  matte

Box Quality: Solid tube-tin

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Sent for review

Recommend Level: High

Time: 11 hours

Standout Falling Stars Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly

I did my usual sorting routine.

  1. Sorting to locate all  the outside border pieces, while....
  2. Placing the pieces into the 'general-color' piles. 
  3. Then I carried on with a second round of sorting (similar colors sorted by shades/patterns) while placing the pieces flat out on the poster boards. 

The border was completed at the beginning this time due to the puzzle shapes being in a ribbon/grid pattern. It went together fairly quickly.

The Standout Falling Stars jigsaw puzzle has ribbon/grid cut pieces so border assembly did not take long.

I wasn't exactly sure how I was going approach this one so thought I would just put as many pieces of one color together first and that would determine my starting point.

I chose the blues first but I also had several little group sections built on the side foam board where the pieces lay out.

The darkish reds, yellows and greens seem to be the next most outstanding which left mostly the shades of white snow on the rooftops.

All through the process, the little birds became implanted onto the rooftops.

Standout Falling Stars Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

The matte finish is always nice on these puzzles. As is the cut and quality of Standout jigsaw puzzles. Since the puzzle is sold in a tube-like container, an insert image/poster is included inside the container which is most helpful. (shown below)

As part of their marketing feature, Standout includes (in a separate little bag) 5 extra pieces to mix within the pieces. I transferred the pieces from the container into an empty bottom puzzle box for sorting convenience.

You can see from these close up photos just how colorful this Artist Alex Fong creates his watercolor works. He has a terrific amount of artwork displayed online CLICK HERE 

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