All Star Premiere Puzzle
by Guest Writer Roberta Shore

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All Star Premiere Puzzle - Roberta's Review


All Star Premiere

White Mountain Puzzles
Ribbon Cut
1000 Pieces
Finished Dimensions: 24” x 30”

My (advancing) Newbie Difficulty Rating: Mediumish

Uh huh -Mediumish. I can’t decide. Was this challenging or just time consuming? The only thing I’m sure of is I was having fun. By now you know me — super sorter, but this time it was weird. Yes, I found the edge pieces and did some sorting by color (pink and blue). Building the frame was easy enough. Then i sorted out and built the pink Cadillac. I sub sorted the blues, the birds, the people, the entire marquis, the pink striped circles, some other signage and the street. When that was done, i still had at least 150 pieces left unsorted - crazy!

The build — it definitely took time, more time than to label it easy. But, absolutely, positively the sorting was the key. The left hand side was the most difficult because of the light beams. The 150 unsorted pieces were scattered throughout the puzzle. I simply could not find a home for many of them without looking closely at the picture.

This was assuredly not my typical puzzling experience — but in a good way. I was never frustrated or defeated. I just kept going. My sorting often leaves “mystery pieces”, but never 150 — curious but no reason to think I would never finish the picture. I did feel accomplished when the entire marquis was complete. And, to repeat, I was having FUN!

I have so many reasons to recommend this puzzle. It will keep you entertained for quite a while. And, there are famous faces in the crowd, something to add to the fun. This was a quality puzzle to build. Minimal puzzle dust, no pieces together uncut, no bent or damaged pieces, and none were missing. They do have a slight sheen, but it did not interfere with the build in day light or evening room light. Tight, pick up off the table, piece fit. The box is sturdy and includes a letter size poster of the puzzle image. That is the only minus I could give — the poster picture was slightly larger than the actual puzzle - not a big deal.

So — mediumish. If you are brand new to 1000 piece puzzles, this one might test your patience. But, White Mountain has a great reputation and a large, varied selection of designs. And, their finished puzzles are larger than most, so the pieces are larger. I started this new hobby not quite 8 months ago. The first White Mountain 1000 piece puzzle I did was Barn Quilts.


It is straightforward to sort and build, so a good introduction to the art of the puzzle process. Have fun!!My ratings for All Star Premiere: Quality A+, Fun factor A+

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