Artists Desk Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Ravensburger

Title: Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle

Artist: Aimee Stewart

Pieces: 1000

Size: 27 x 20

This Artists desk jigsaw puzzle sure is a winner. Not only does it have the nice 'soft click' to it, the cut is great too. It appears to have a load of details but following the patterns of colours helps with the assembly process. The paint tray tended to be tricky and the coffee was a nice touch. The scattered pencil crayons and pencil sharpener with pencil shaving was quite creative. 

Brand: Ravensburger

Title: Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle

Artist: Aimee Stewart

Pieces: 1000

Size: 27 x 20"

Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality: Great

Board Quality: Great 

Shape Cut: Ribbon/grid-like

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: paints/pencils

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth matte

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price:Received as a gift from Scotland

Recommend Level: High

Time: 10 hours

Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle Assembly

There was no sense is really doing a sort with this on due to the extreme array of colors however I did attempt to as I sorted out the border pieces. Then I laid out all the pieces to get started.

After the border I figured I would start with the coffee/cup, the 'Big Book' on the lower right and the multi-colored markers in the round container in the center/top. Then I worked the 2 different 'coloring-pages' while building the white page edges. The 2 coloring pallet sheets went quickly which was surprising to me. The remaining 3 sets of pencils were a tad tricky with the one on the upper left ranking most testy. The black and white books were interesting to define but not too tricky.....

Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle Comments.....

The Ravensburger Artist's Desk Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautiful image by  Aimee Stewart who is a real favourite among many Puzzlers.

The assembly process on this Artists Desk jigsaw puzzle was addictive and it was difficult to walk away from. It was one of the quicker 1000 pieces I have done and the cut was not lose which increased the experience making this a perfect puzzle. However, the closeup images below will appear to make this jigsaw puzzle a challenge and also certainly show the attraction to this image.

As with most Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles, the user can expect a great quality and this being a gift from my Puzzler friend in Scotland made this one a totally extra special memory. It also makes you want to go out and buy lots of colouring books, crayons, pencil crayons and paints.

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