Ashkeri Trick or Treat  Puzzle

Ashkeri Trick Treat Puzzle Review

Brand: Ashkeri

Title: Trick or Treat

By: Keri Baker

Pieces: 1000

Size: 20" x 28" (Approximately)

Introducing Keri Baker, Artist and producer of this Trick or Treat jigsaw puzzle. She has been intrigued with artwork since childhood and now produces her own products including other puzzles as well. She presented a Kickstarter project to the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group and successfully sold 5 different images. You may see her store at this link:

I purchased the Trick or Treat jigsaw puzzle through her Kickstarter which she created the image from using her own children in the image. 

I knew this one would be 'tricky' due to the dark Halloween colours. I sorted the pieces as best as I could but as you can see it is mostly dark pieces along with some pink, orange, yellow and green. (Continued below....)

Ashkeri Trick Treat Puzzle Assembly

The border was not assembled first thing but rather I jumped right into the brightest colors. Once the most obvious colors were basically in place, I started to build on the pumpkins and the moon patterns on the left and right sides. After completing that, as you can see, almost half the pieces left were dark browns and blacks. That of course being a Halloween image is required and I knew going into this puzzle image that would be the case.

Ashkeri Trick Treat Puzzle Comments

The Trick or Treat Jigsaw Puzzle produced by Ashkeri and artist Keri Baker is a 1000 piece, 20" by 28" which is a 'trickster' and a delightful 'treat' when completed. Here's come closeup photos showing better details in the artwork.


The finish is shiny and I apologize for the glare but the close up photos  above (without the glare) shows the terrific talent by the Artist Keri Baker.

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