Astrolabe Jigsaw Puzzle

What a beautiful gift this Astrolabe jigsaw puzzle is. It reminds me of the kindness and generosity of sharing the compassion for jigsaw puzzlers that Puzzlers have.  This is a treasure indeed!


Title: Astrolabe jigsaw Puzzle

Artist: Michèle Wilson

Size: 16 x16" or 15 x 15cm

Pieces: 80


Title: Astrolabe jigsaw Puzzle

Artist: Michèle Wilson

Size: 16 x16" or 15 x 15cm

Pieces: 80

Astrolabe Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:    Good

Board Quality: Good - wooden

Shape Cut: Random

Image Quality: Great

Hardest Area: circle areas

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth-shiny surface

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Gift

Recommend Level: High

Time: 1.5 hours

Astrolabe Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly


The packaging is completely secure along with information on the side of the box and more details on the back.


Not much sense in sorting colors here so I laid out the pieces to best determine what might be borders or not. Then I determined the solid dark circles and the white 'beads'. The rest was determined by the shapes of the pieces.


These close up photos show the random cuts....

Astrolabe-jigsaw-puzzleThe Astrolabe jigsaw puzzle fits inside the box as assembled. This view is the back of the puzzle lying on top of the Astrolabe box cover.


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The story behind receiving the Astrolabe Jigsaw Puzzle gift.....

This Astrolabe jigsaw puzzle was gifted to me by a puzzler from France.

Fabien lives overseas (from  Canada) in Versailles, France and I live in Alberta, Canada….so how does one get a jigsaw puzzle from France to Canada at the lowest cost?

Well you gotta have a ‘guy’ and Fabien does…..his ‘Guy’ was flying to Vancouver, Canada which is one province over from Alberta where I live. And this gracious person was kind enough to help Fabien get this jigsaw puzzle to me very safely and at a very low cost.

Fabien also let me choose which wooden jigsaw puzzle I would like to add to my unique jigsaw puzzle collection and I picked one by Michèle Wilson 

I am a very ‘universal’ person, always believing in the ‘fates’ so I chose the Astrolabe Art Perse. It is an instrument used to study the movement of the planets and to estimate time looking at the movement of the Sun and stars. This particular brass one was used as a navigational instrument in the 16th century.  

However, it was not without a challenge to assemble so do not be fooled by it’s size. It actually can fit together right inside the box completed, which is very nice.

This jigsaw puzzle gift is one that will be a keeper in my collection with his name and date on it, as it has reached a destination of over 7,000KM .

My special thanks to Fabien for his kindness and creating a very nice story to add to my unique jigsaw puzzle collection that I get to share with everyone. Oh, and yes….a special thanks goes out to the ‘Guy”……

If you were ever to have an opportunity to experience one of these 'little-golden-nugget' jigsaw puzzles, then I highly recommend it!

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About: Wood Cut vs. Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

Exploring the Differences

Jigsaw puzzles are a beloved pastime, offering hours of entertainment and relaxation. While cardboard puzzles have been the traditional choice for many years, wood cut puzzles have gained popularity in recent times. In this article, we'll delve into the differences between assembling a wood cut jigsaw puzzle and a cardboard jigsaw puzzle, with a particular focus on the modern-day laser scroll cutting machines used in wood cut puzzles and their role in creating accurate whimsies.

1. Materials and Durability

The most apparent difference between wood cut and cardboard jigsaw puzzles lies in the materials used. Cardboard puzzles are crafted using thick, sturdy cardboard layers, while wood cut puzzles are made from high-quality wood, often sourced sustainably. The use of wood imparts a distinct tactile and visual appeal to the puzzle pieces, providing a unique and durable puzzle experience.

2. Precision and Interlocking Mechanism

Wood cut puzzles are known for their precise cuts and interlocking mechanisms. In the past, these puzzles were hand-cut, requiring skilled artisans to carefully shape each piece. However, with advancements in technology, modern-day wood cut puzzles are crafted using laser scroll cutting machines. These machines use precise laser technology to cut intricate shapes, ensuring a snug fit between the puzzle pieces. This precision enhances the overall puzzle-solving experience and allows for seamless assembly.

3. Whimsical and Irregular Pieces

One of the standout features of wood cut puzzles is the inclusion of whimsical or irregular puzzle pieces. Whimsies are specially shaped puzzle pieces that are not part of the traditional puzzle image. They can take various forms, including animals, objects, or unique designs. Laser scroll cutting machines are instrumental in creating these whimsies with accuracy and intricacy, adding an element of surprise and delight to the puzzle-solving process.

4. Artistic Appeal and Collectibility

Wood cut puzzles are often chosen for their artistic appeal and collectible nature. Many wood cut puzzle manufacturers collaborate with renowned artists to create exquisite puzzle images. The combination of high-quality wood, precise cutting, and stunning artwork elevates the overall aesthetic and makes wood cut puzzles highly sought after by puzzle enthusiasts and collectors.

5. Puzzle Size and Complexity

Wood cut puzzles are available in a range of sizes and complexity levels. Smaller puzzles with fewer pieces are suitable for beginners or those seeking a quicker puzzle-solving experience, while larger puzzles with thousands of pieces offer a more challenging endeavor. The use of laser scroll cutting machines ensures that even intricate and complex designs can be accurately reproduced, allowing for a seamless assembly regardless of the puzzle's size or difficulty level.

6. Environmental Considerations

Wood cut puzzles often boast eco-friendly credentials due to the sustainable sourcing of wood materials. Many manufacturers prioritize using wood from responsibly managed forests or utilize recycled wood, making wood cut puzzles a conscious choice for environmentally conscious puzzlers.

Embrace the Unique Experience

Whether you choose a wood cut or a cardboard jigsaw puzzle, both offer their own unique experience and appeal. Wood cut puzzles impress with their tactile feel, precision, and whimsical pieces, while cardboard puzzles provide affordability and a wide variety of designs. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on personal preferences and the type of puzzle experience you seek.

So, whether you're captivated by the elegance of wood cut puzzles or prefer the classic charm of cardboard puzzles, there's no shortage of delightful options to explore. Embrace the differences and enjoy the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzling, one piece at a time!

(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023)