Vintage Barbie Puzzle 
by Guest Writer Roberta Shore

We invite you to read Roberta Shore's review on the following jigsaw puzzle. Since she has discovered the advantages of jigsaw puzzling, she has reviewed/journaled several that will be available on this website. 

My Newbie Difficulty Rating; easy 


Vintage Barbie


Ribbon cut

1000 pieces (from the manufacturer - "each piece has a unique shape") Finished sized: 20" x 27"

Well, 4 months and several puzzles of various piece counts later, I am still far from being an experienced puzzler who finishes a 1000-piece puzzle in 8-10 hours! That will probably take a few years! But I adore the mind clearing calm I experience during every hour I spend on the puzzling process; getting lost in the activity, it’s a good thing!

I researched the puzzle manufacturers for quality, and built a stash including one (or more) from each highly rated brand. Puzzle Hobby was a super resource for that, and for a comprehensive fact and idea introduction to my new hobby. Hence, this Ravensburger puzzle.

Pluses — no puzzle dust, sturdy in small box, sturdy pieces - none missing, each “unique” piece can only fit in the right place, bright colors, and my favorite — a totally matte finish. Minuses - loose piece fit while working, (but tight when complete - go figure), no poster. I took a screenshot, blew it up and printed it. Does it live up to its reputation -a qualified yes. I have purchased 2 more.

Despite everything I said above, it was almost too easy. I finished it over 2 days, taking lots of breaks. I chock it up to the cartoon drawing style and limited number of colors. I sorted by color which, for this puzzle, basically meant it was sorted by object. I left the big Barbie for last, but it all came together with ease.

Did I have fun? Yes! Was I challenged? Not really. Do I have to be? Not necessarily. I give this an A+ for fun!

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