Battle of the YouTube Puzzlers 2

Here's a fun event! There's an opportunity for you to join in this activity too! See the details below.

The Battle of the YouTube Puzzlers are having their 2nd Battle on June 3rd/4th. The reason it runs 2 days is due to the Global Time Zones. Watch for your Country's Representative to determine your local time.  The Puzzlers are going 'live' on their Youtube accounts so they can chat with each other.

The jigsaw puzzle for this Event is Flora Heart 750 Piece Shaped Puzzle from Galison - Vivid and Bright Puzzle Featuring the photographic work of Julie Seabrook Ream. The completed puzzle measures 24" x 27.2".

Meet the Youtube Puzzlers in the competition!


Watch the Battle of the Youtube Puzzlers  share their intros and enthusiasm for the upcoming event. (click on the red text link above to watch them on the Instagram platform) The following are links to each individual Puzzler:


Meet Judy @Addicted2puzzles 

Hi Everyone! Here are the details for the 2nd Battle of the YouTube Puzzlers!

The puzzle for this speedy battle will be the 750-piece Flora Heart by Galison! 

To watch us live, we each have the video set as a premiere, which allows live chat. Then we have each video redirecting to the next video. So we then can live chat on each other's videos as they premiere! This is the first time we've tried it, so hopefully it works out great.

For this round, we will be starting the first premiere video on June 3rd at 4pm USA MDST, then starting the next video immediately after, until all 6 videos are complete! This way we can all chat live and see each others videos at the premiere! Please do not post our individual times in the chat! No spoilers! We hope you join us in this epic puzzle battle! #botyp Happy Puzzling! #botyp2

How to join in this event.

You are welcome to do this battle on your own. You can decide if you want to use your own video recording but it is not a requirement.  Simply assemble the Flora Heart Battle puzzle and record your time. 

Once you have the puzzle puzzled, you can submit your time on this Google Form: (See form image below.)

Please note any breaks longer than 5 minutes and note your first speed run time only.  The form will be open until June 30, 2023! Results will be posted in early July! (Further details to be provided.) 

See the following image of the Submission Form below so you will be ready with the information required.


Good Luck and Happy Puzzling


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(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023)