Butchart Gardens Jigsaw Puzzle

Lee Valley Tools - Butchart Gardens

Size: 15 x 21.25" - Pieces: 513


Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality: Very good

Board Quality: thick-medium

Shape Cut: Grid-like

Image Quality: Good

Hardest Area: The greens

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth 

Box Quality: Great

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: $2.00 Thrift Store 

Recommend Level: High

Time: 6.5 hours

 I did this one because it was a quick-fix 513 pieces or so I thought till I got caught up in dark colour blends.

This is an image of the beautiful Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC Canada. You can watch videos at that link or there's another link below to watch.  

I have never been there but I took a virtual tour and you can too at the link below. Be sure to give yourself some free time to view it as it's 10 minutes plus there may be some buffering time as it downloads which is not uncommon with videos of this size...the good thing is that you get to see nature at it's very BEST!!!!!

So vibrant and colourful plus so many beautiful jigsaw puzzle images to be captured in there..... Butchart Gardens Video Link 

I have seen others post this image in the jigsaw puzzle Groups before....in fact I have another version from this same Garden  from Eurographics but it is 1000 pieces and the area is known as the Japanese Gardens. I have yet to complete this one as it looks quite challenging.

Going back to the first one at 513 pieces the green blends and rocks/stairs were very tricky! The quality was quite good though but even the size was an odd shape 15x21.25", like a poster.

The company that manufactured this one is known as Lee Valley Tools which has a company in Ottawa Ontario Canada and one in New York USA.

I purchased it at the Thrift store for $2.00 and luckily ALL the pieces were there.

Here are some close up photos to see the colours and quality which both were great! 

Overall, the product was good, the image was tricky and I am grateful it was only 513 piece due to the colour blends. 

The above jigsaw puzzle(s) have been added to my Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

I am in the process of recording all my past jigsaw puzzles that I still have for my walls and all my current puzzles.

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