Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Pastime, Title: Christmas Cat, Pieces: 1000, Size: 20x26

I created the Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle which is the first jigsaw puzzle I have ever created. I love jigsaw puzzles and I am creative. I wished I had the Christmas Cat Story when my children were growing up.  I certainly would have made it a family tradition to read it every year. 

The story has such a great connection of humanity to our furry friends.That said, it has always been a tradition to do a jigsaw puzzle over the Christmas holidays with family members to chime in any time. Often that would happen over long conversations. So enjoyable….

Then the children grew into adults and started having children themselves. So what a great opportunity to revive the Christmas Cat story all over again, only this time combine both the story and a favourite family activity together in the form of the jigsaw puzzle. Could it be done? I wondered.....

Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle come to being...

So I used all my 40+ years of evolving with technology to research what I would need to create such a delightful idea. Technology and I have a real bittersweet love-hate relationship!

I started to create the idea in my mind and it flowed.  I had permission for the story and graphics, after all, my sister, Dorothy Krusky (Jr) wrote the story for her daughter. Now using photo software programs I had to create the image of the puzzle. This in itself had several challenges because images in software programs are created very small. Size was an issue, as was color and issues with printing text onto larger formats outside of a piece of paper.

Nonetheless, I persevered because I really truly wanted to create this and I did - as you can see. So without getting into all the technical techniques that I had to get into, major Internet research provided the answers. I know, that equals bittersweet! I ordered the 20x26 inch puzzle online through and it arrived in a week. I must admit that I am very pleased with their service, quick delivery and quality of puzzle stock board they use. I will be submitting a testimonial there.

Unpacking the Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle 

Assembling the Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Now it is created and completed. I am pleased to provide the process of putting it together with little tips you can use.

Start the sorting first. Sort the brown book border, the small amount of all white pieces, all the red coat cat pieces, all the white cat pieces, the red candy cane pieces, the brown pugger pieces, the bluish/yellow star pieces and the large coloured letters into separate piles and put the rest back into the box.

The brown border, the center page book line, the candy canes, the bluish/yellow stars and the large green/red letters are very easy to do and can be completed fairly quickly. Layout the four corners and measure to 20 inches by 26 inches as shown.

Next piece together the Christmas Cats, Crystal and Puggers and set them into the approximate spots according to the picture.

Once there are only letters left, work the right side first to decrease the amount of letters to complete on the left side of the book page.

Line all the pieces in rows having the text going in the (up) reading position to quickly scan for full words on some pieces.

  • Note that there is (purposely) shading on the pages and some areas are very white and some are grey. This will help with the green and red lettering.
  • Note that there are some paragraphs in 3 lines, 2 lines and 1 line sentences.
  • Note that some pieces have red lettering along the top and/or bottom. Likewise when looking at the green lettering.
  • Note that there are single or maybe 2 letters on the nibs/tips and they are red or green.

A single person may complete this puzzle in 15-20 hours and an expert Puzzler likely less than 10 hours maybe sooner.

Comments Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

Once the Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle is completed, you may read the complete story or take it apart and redo it, or pack it away for the next and every year thereafter or you can do what I did.

I put strips of wide clear tape across the back first then sourced out a real nice 20x26 inch frame for it and Voila!  You have a keepsake for Christmas decorations and a traditional Christmas story every year.

I highly recommend to create your own quality jigsaw puzzle. The biggest challenge in this project was developing the image to be the correct size.

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