Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle 


I totally love looking at this Christmas Town jigsaw puzzle with the traditional scene of Christmas activity. It's nice to see the tent-like stands but what is most attractive to me is the 2 story brick  building on the right side of the image.  It's quite rare to see such brick detail in artwork. The leafless trees in the for-front of the house is a lovely touch of accuracy which really enhances the picture to be a true life-like scene. Excellent puzzle enjoyment here.

Brand: WHSmith Limited Edition Panoramic

Title: Christmas Town jigsaw puzzle

Size: 38.5x13.5" or 98x34cm 

Pieces: 1000 pieces

Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Great

Cut Quality:  Awesome

Board Quality: firm

Shape Cut: grid-like

Image Quality: good

Hardest Area: The sky/trees

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth with gold foil

Box Quality: Great 

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: yes

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Sent as a gift

Recommend Level: highly

Time: 12 hours

Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly.....

I did my usual sorting routine with this one. I sorted the colors as best I could into piles then did an addition color sord as I laid all the pieces out onto the foam board. The border went really well except the blue across the top. Being a grid-like cut these borders tend to fit quite similar to more than one area. So I just hope I get it right but the test will be when that area gets completed.

I started with the most obvious colors first being the tent reds and blues. I worked the color-coats the people were wearing and the storefront lettering. Next was the large Christmas tree and the brick buildings. You can see some of the foil-finish in the images below but it looks much better on the table than it does on the photo.

After completing all the windows on the building, then the rest of the buildings, I was left with the dark trees and the dark sky which was mixed with chimney smoke. This area proved to be the most testy area of the puzzle.  

I love an image that shares Christmas activities and the Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle by Victor McLindon certainly did just that as you can see in these close up photos below.

Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

I was very pleased this gift which was sent from my Puzzle Friend in Scotland at the end of last year. It was a pleasure to assemble this WH Smith brand and the experience was enjoyable. The completed image with the gold foil is seen much better than captured on the photos.

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