Easter Puzzle Hobby Magazine

Looking for a fun and engaging Easter activity? Try Easter jigsaw puzzles! With their colorful designs and varying levels of difficulty, these puzzles are perfect for both kids and adults. Challenge your problem-solving skills while relaxing and enjoying the festive season. From cute bunnies to spring flowers, there's a puzzle design for every Easter theme. Start your Easter jigsaw puzzle tradition today and make this holiday season even more memorable!

The following it another option to view/read the Easter Puzzle Hobby Magazine

Spring Puzzle Hobby Magazine - What's Inside 

Here's what you will see inside:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention Update
  • Puzzle Parley's Early Bird Registration April 17 
  • A Jigsaw Puzzle Library 

Features of the Month:

  • Artist - Peggy Davis 
  • Architect, Antonia Sobra
  • Grateful House's New Jigsaw Puzzles
  • USA Jigsaw Puzzle Association


  • List of 250 Jigsaw Puzzle Brands
  • Blogger of the Month
  • Puzzle Reviews for the Month


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