Flower Patches  Jigsaw Puzzle

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Brand: Puzzle So Hard

Title: Flower Patches

By: Danielle Clough

Pieces: 1000

Size: 20 x 27"

Puzzle Hobby is pleased to share a fresh new puzzle company with outstanding images. Check out their website at Puzzle So Hard but you must also know this. Think quality!  We all know first impressions speak volumes - well you will not be disappointed with the quality. This has got to be the sturdiest puzzle box I have noticed in my puzzle hobby (same sturdy quality as my 32,000 piece New York City Window), it's outstanding - that's for sure! The shipping was speedy, it comes sealed in plastic, there's a poster inside and the pieces are cut clean with black backs - barely skiffs of puzzle dust. A very classy postcard was sent along to thank me for my support.

The following 'mission' statement  comes from their website....then there's more photos and details below. 

"We make cool puzzles. It’s how we connect.

We are a Philadelphia start-up bringing the pastime of puzzling into the present. It’s not just that our jigsaw puzzles and designs are modern and cool (they are). More than that, our puzzles allow you an opportunity to sloooooooow down, relax and just put the pieces together (yes, we went there). We let you focus attention away from screens and chatter, and simply connect with your friends, your family, and yourself. Sound corny? We don't care. We are sincere about it.

Our puzzle collections are designed to inspire you to solve problems, even when they feel so hard and overwhelming. And we do that with amazing art from even more amazing artists.

But enough about us!"

Find us on Instagram or on Facebook and tell us who you are and how you #puzzlesohard.

Puzzle So Hard jigsaw puzzles - back of box
Puzzle So Hard jigsaw puzzles - package. Puzzles sealed in bag, poster and slide open box.
Puzzle So Hard jigsaw puzzles - clean cut pieces with 'easy-to-see' black back
Puzzle So Hard jigsaw puzzles - nice personal touch post card
Puzzle So Hard jigsaw puzzles - Poster for image to puzzle - very convenient.

See more details on how Civil Law Attorney Jen Hope  gives it all up to start her own puzzle company and the 12 products available already. 

Coming soon....the Flower Patches jigsaw puzzle review.....


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