James Christensen Puzzles

Today's featured jigsaw puzzle artist is James Christensen who sadly passed away early in the new year of January 2017.

During his lifetime, he has provided jigsaw puzzlers with a plethora of images for our enjoyment.

The Artist James Christensen had such a phenomenal talent. CLICK HERE to take a look at some of the images he painted.The Greenwich Workshop displays over 100 pieces and certainly worth taking a look.

James Christensen's  focus was on mythical characters and beings. The scenes and stories behind his artworks are just as rich as the saturated jewel colors he uses. They are truly beautiful. 

James C. Christensen was an American artist of religious and fantasy art and formerly an instructor at Brigham Young University. Christensen said his inspirations were myths, fables, fantasies, and tales of imagination. Wikipedia  While not employed in all his paintings, his trademarks were flying or floating fish, often on a leash.

Born: September 26, 1942, Culver City, California, United States

Died: January 8, 2017, Orem, Utah, United States 

The following is just a small sample of jigsaw puzzles available on the market today......