MT Blanc France Puzzle

Brand: TUCO

Title: MT Blanc France puzzle

Pieces: 700

Size: 22

This MT Blanc France puzzle is SO vintage and it had all the pieces which is amazing.  You can see large areas of blue sky, white snow on the mountains and the big chunk of dry field in the forefront making this one have testy areas. 

Brand: TUCO

Title: MT Blanc France puzzle

Pieces: 700

Size: 22" x 15"

MT Blanc France puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  not good

Cut Quality:  Good

Board Quality: too thick

Shape Cut: Grid-like

Image Quality: OK

Hardest Area: blue sky

Puzzle Dust? Lots & very smelly

Finish Quality: Smooth 

Box Quality: OK

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: No

Was this purchased new? no

Price: Thrift Store find $1.00

Recommend Level: No

Time:  14 hours

MT Blanc France puzzle Assembly

I did not do my usual sorting routine with this one as it was 700 pieces and basically blues, browns and white/greys but I did sort them into piles. I followed the box and due to the gridlike cut I found myself rearranging the  edge pieces to fit correctly.

I've been around so many Thrift Store puzzles and have had very few bad experiences however this one will be labelled the worst yet. I get the age of the puzzle has a lot to do with it too. Surprisingly ALL the pieces are there but some are peeling off and the color layer of paper is peeling off the back pieces too as shown below.

As you can see in the first photo below just how thick the triple-thickness pieces are and the particular piece compared is a Ravensburger piece which is most standard.

Next image shows a close up of the paper image which gets glued onto the triple thick board and it is aligned poorly. Perhaps that is where the smell comes from though I am not sure.

Ravensburger piece compared to TUCO piece
Paper image is glued onto the triple thick board and is aligned poorly.
Back of puzzle is peeling.
Original Prices tag reads .86 cents and I paid $1.00

MT Blanc France puzzle Comments

Assembling puzzle pieces with this thickness is very difficult but that also was due to the age of this puzzle too. I found that trying pieces into other pieces was basically breaking the tips off the pieces - again an age thing. 

The completed image on this MT Blanc France puzzle actually looks pretty good and you can see in the close up images below the typical traditional grid-like cut used. Of course you would not think that it was a smelly experience where I found myself washing my hands after a session with it. And the crumbling pieces left very little to be desired about this puzzle other than the images looks good on the computer.

There are 2 very old vintage white cars in this image.

Perhaps I will think twice about buying another TUCO Triple thickness puzzle unless I open the box first to see the condition of it. I do have another TUCO in my collection which I have not assembled yet however it does not have that 'black-mold' smell. Needless to say, this one will not be forwarded to anyone ever again.

But if you like mountain puzzles these are good ones....