Triptych Wellness Puzzle

  • Note that if you buy the Triptych Wellness Puzzle, it does not come with the actual gold frames. I had to create my own frames. 
  • It does get put together in 3 sections that can be combined together as one picture should you decide that's the way you prefer it.
  • You can be search for the title Ravensburger Triptych Wellness puzzle or Ravensburger Triptych Peace and Harmony

Brand: Ravensburger Triptych

Title: Triptych Wellness Puzzle (or Peace and Harmony)

Pieces: 1000

Size: Two jigsaws puzzles of 9.25" x 15" (23.5 x 38 cm) each and one jigsaw puzzle of 20" x 15" (51 x 38 cm) to total 38.5" x 15" (98 cm x 38 cm)

Assembling the Triptych Wellness Puzzle

This image displays the 3 borders. The pieces are all combined into 1 bag of 1000 pieces. 

The quality of Ravensburger puzzles is top of the line including this one.

I gave my daughter this Ravensburger Triptych Wellness puzzle for her birthday.

Actually it served as a duo Birthday gift. The first part of the duo went to me as a birthday gift to myself. I am very passionate about doing puzzles and when I discovered this unique puzzle, it caught my attention.

The second part of the duo was giving it as a birthday gift to my adult daughter. She is a Psychotherapist and a very 'zen' type person. She will enjoy the idea of this image in frames on her wall but she is not a puzzler in any way at all.

Framing the Triptych Wellness Puzzle

  • For the frame on this one, we used clear plastic packing tape on the backs of the puzzles. 
  • Then we sealed the 3 individual puzzles with the clear window shrink plastic wrap.  To read more about this 'no-glue' process CLICK HERE
  • We used poster hangers to custom cut frames for each puzzle. (Available at Walmart) Image
  • We slid the puzzle (snuggly) into the black poster hangers by forcing the hanger opened.
  • We used corner picture  frames to connect and cover each of the 4 corners on the individual puzzles. (Michaels) 

The above frames have 2 per pack at 24" long, hard black matte finish plastic.

The package at left is an 8 pack showing the 6 used for this project - requiring 2 packages to match four corners.

Triptych Wellness Puzzle on the wall......

It always gives me pleasure to see any jigsaw puzzle on the wall as you can see the Triptych Wellness Puzzle being well displayed here. I highly recommend doing this one as it was a sheer delight for me. 

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