Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

Title: Cadbury's Roses Jigsaw Puzzle
No. of Pieces: 500
Size: 50 x 35cm - approximately 14" x 20"
Appears to be available in the UK only.

How would you like to add the Cadbury Gift jigsaw puzzle to your hobby collection? Talk about combining the best of life's little treasures together! Yummy!

What is your opinion?  Is this a jigsaw puzzle cheat sheet?  If  there is a poster included with the exact same measurements of the actual jigsaw puzzle, how would you use it?

Method #1: Would you set the poster beside your work area to use as a guide?

Method #2: Would you set the poster IN the work area and build the puzzle on top of it using it as a guide?

Would you consider Method #2 to be cheating? I know this may ruffle a lot of puzzlers....especially those that do not even use the box cover image to assist with assembling their puzzles, much less a poster included.

However, take a look at this Cadbury Gift jigsaw puzzle. It is presented as a jigsaw puzzle gift with chocolate candy inside.

Do you think they purposely used a poster size 'cheat'-sheet to be the exact same size of the actual jigsaw puzzle to assist with the assembly for the 'would-be-recipients' of this gift? 


Take a look at the above image. It appears nearly impossible to most non-puzzlers, therefore it would limit the amount of purchases of this candy gift.  People who know puzzlers would likely buy it for them knowing it covers their perfect gift goal - chocolates and a very tricky yet colourful jigsaw puzzle.

It is still very attractive to the puzzler too because it has good elements of a puzzle and the chocolate candy is a bonus.  I think the image is kinda ironic in the sense of  'eye-candy'. It really is an image of candy, it has candy in the box and the image holds the elements of tricky and challenging.

I received this gift from my Facebook 'phantom-friend' Helen SS. (Those who follow these posts will know that she does not have access to Facebook but sees the 'Feed'). When I saw this gift I was immediately thrilled as many of you would be too.  Chocolates and a puzzle united - YES!

Assembling the Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

While eating the candy, I contemplated on how to complete the 500 piece Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle ....ok so the border pieces were the easiest to pick out of the box.

While I sorted for those, I piled the pieces that resembled some of the main colours, then laid them out as follows;

Now you can see in the image above how all the pieces are lined up by 'colour zones' and the poster is at the top of the image. Once I seen this image, I thought to myself - "self?.... you have never had the opportunity to try this - will it be considered cheating?" (likely by most) But I decided to go for it merely for the fun of it!!!

I purposely left the puzzle poster on the workstation and decided to find out just exactly how much help would the poster be by assembling it this way.

So was there an advantage here? Yes of course, but the real question is, just how much of an advantage compared to just looking at the poster. Think about it.

I could have just as easily looked at the poster, followed along with the specific colour candy for the particular section I was working on.

I can tell you this...the advantage was not as much as I thought it might be....I'd say it had about a 20% advantage in saving time looking for pieces - all the rest of the experience was the same as other puzzles other than the fact that it was a different way to do a puzzle and had made it quite FUN!!!!

Take a close look at these sections of the Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle clearly showing the puzzle pieces covering the poster.

Comments about the Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

AND the advertisement actually states "A perfect sized photograph is included to make the puzzle over if you choose." Now do you think I was cheating?....just sayin' smarter not harder ;) 

Besides, I have done the Holiday Candy by Cobble Hill Puzzles that was pretty darn tricky too!

Title: Cadbury's Roses Jigsaw Puzzle

No. of Pieces: 500

Size: 50 x 35cm - approximately 14" x 20"

Appears to be available in the UK only.

Special thanks to Helen SS for snail-mailing this parcel from overseas Scotland to Canada. I really enjoyed putting this together because it did have an extra twist to it by following the poster under the puzzle itself.  

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