Chorus Line Jigsaw Puzzle


Title: A Chorus Line     Brand: Pastimes Puzzles

Size:18" x 24"    Pieces: 500 pieces, 50 Whimsies

Whimsies are my most favorite pieces in jigsaw puzzles. They do not happen often in jigsaw puzzles unless you specifically buy that particular type. I got lucky with this one.

Not only was this jigsaw puzzle in perfect shape, it had all the pieces too. It was a thrift store purchase and the bag inside the box was open and the box was not sealed shut either. And just looking at the picture, you can see it is irresistible and the price was right at $3.00.

Some puzzlers are not particularly fond of puzzle pieces that just 'butt' up to each other because the pieces have a tendency to move all over if you are not mindful.  However, IF this one did not have the 'wanky' cut pieces it would have been extremely easy to complete. I am not so fond of the 'wanky' cut pieces myself but I did really enjoy this one immensely.

Hurray for the whimsies included in the cut making this one very delightful. 

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