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I remember being contacted by eeBoo jigsaw puzzles several years ago. They were offering me to try two of their jigsaw products for free. I was surprised that Companies would even do that yet pleasantly delighted. I did some research on the Company to find out they are 'Women owned and Mother run'. 

Since 1994, they have been building their business around small children toys and educational games. As the children grew, the company developed more products. The 'Piece and Love puzzle brand became a natural expansion as their children became adults'.

I had the privilege of assembling the Cats at Work jigsaw puzzle and Desserts jigsaw puzzles. I have written review on both.

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eeBoo Jigsaw Puzzles - Astrology Review

We invite you to read Sherri's review on the following jigsaw puzzle. She enjoys jigsaw puzzling with her Mom and she has reviewed/journaled several that will be available on this website. The following is one of the many in her 'Puzzling With My Mom' Series. 


Astrology eeBoo Puzzle Review

Brand: Mudpuppy/Galison

Artist: Marcos Navarro

Size: 20" x 20"

Title: Kaleido Butterflies puzzle

Pieces: 500

Brand: eeBoo

Title: Astrology eeBoo jigsaw puzzle

Pieces: 1000

Size: 23" x 23"

I finished this fun puzzle yesterday. I really enjoyed doing it, and I would do it again, if I keep it, which I probably won’t because I have soooo many puzzles and don’t have room for all of them. Seriously, I think I need an intervention!

I was a bit surprised when I opened this new puzzle because I had 16 pairs of conjoined pieces. Fortunately, they snapped apart without damaging either piece. I thought that I would initially begin with the ring of actual zodiac signs, but then decided that I needed to assemble the background first.

This puzzle is divided into four quadrants with the signs grouped based on the linear months of the year and not by their celestial elements. Each quadrant has a different colored background, making it easy to find the appropriate pieces. Since I am a Capricorn, I decided from the start that I would save that sign for last. I didn’t work the puzzle exactly as I thought I would because I ran into a bit of a stumbling block with the actual constellations. Eventually, I just grabbed the bull by the horns and did all of the constellations to get that part out of the way. I ended up doing the sun’s (moon’s ?) face next to last, finishing with my sign. When I was finished, I took both boards outside and joined the two parts together for my finished photo.

Now, if you have never done an eeBoo puzzle, you might not realize that they are square or round puzzles that are larger than the average foam core board. I figured that I would assemble it in mostly two halves, keeping the big face together on the same board. You also should recognize that the grid cut pieces are more of a rectangular overall shape than a square one. This means that once you figure out which direction the longer part faces, you can line up your pieces with that orientation if you choose to. I really didn’t do that except for the constellation pieces.

The pieces are sturdy, but they are not the thickest that I have ever done. The backing feels smooth, but they also feel like they could easily be damaged. I will be taking it apart carefully! The face of the pieces have a glossy finish, with amazing color saturation. I didn’t have any problems with pieces fitting in the wrong spot (my # 1 pet peeve), and there was practically zero puzzle dust. The fit was okay, not super tight, but good enough to carefully pick up a small section of assembled pieces. I would recommend this puzzle for anyone, no matter what your experience level is.

In doing a little bit of research, I found that the signs fall into the Earth, Water, Air, and Fire elements. Earth signs includes Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and those people are detail-oriented, down-to-earth, cultivated, grounded and practical. Water signs include Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer with shared traits of being imaginative, empathetic, emotional, nurturing and intuitive. Air signs include Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. These people are witty, social, spacey, intellectual and good listeners. The Fire signs cover Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, and their members are brave, artistic, confident, passionate and independent. How does this match up with your personality?

Puzzle details: eeBoo, Astrology by Anisa Makhoul, 1000 pieces, 2021.



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Embracing Joy and Creativity: The eeBoo Jigsaw Puzzle Company

Introduction: In the world of jigsaw puzzles, eeBoo stands out as a company that encapsulates the spirit of joy and creativity. With a commitment to creating high-quality puzzles that inspire imagination and playfulness, eeBoo has become a beloved name among puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. In this article, we will delve into the captivating history and vision of eeBoo as a jigsaw puzzle company, exploring the values that make them unique in the industry.

A Journey of Creativity: Founded in 1996 by Mia Galison, eeBoo emerged as a response to the lack of high-quality, artistically designed toys and games for children. Mia's background in fine arts, combined with her passion for creativity and education, inspired her to create a company that would foster joy and learning through engaging products. From the start, eeBoo's vision was clear: to provide products that encourage curiosity, imagination, and artistic expression in children and adults alike.

The Artistic Touch: At the heart of eeBoo's success lies their dedication to collaborating with talented artists and illustrators. The company's puzzles boast vibrant and captivating artwork, each piece carefully curated to spark wonder and delight. By featuring diverse styles and themes, eeBoo puzzles cater to a wide range of interests, from enchanting fairytale scenes to intricate animal illustrations and more. This commitment to artistic excellence elevates their puzzles from mere entertainment to engaging works of art that capture the imagination of puzzlers.

Educational Benefits: eeBoo's puzzles are not only visually stunning but also possess educational value. As children engage with the puzzles, they develop important cognitive skills, including problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and fine motor skills. The puzzles encourage perseverance and patience, providing a sense of accomplishment as each piece falls into place. Additionally, eeBoo's puzzles often incorporate educational elements, such as letter and number recognition or storytelling elements, making learning a fun and rewarding experience.

Sustainable and Eco-Conscious: In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, eeBoo takes great pride in its eco-friendly practices. The company uses recycled materials and responsibly sourced paper, ensuring that their products have a minimal impact on the environment. This commitment to sustainability resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, making eeBoo a preferred choice for those seeking ethical and earth-friendly products.

A Puzzle for Everyone: eeBoo's puzzle collection encompasses a wide range of piece counts, catering to puzzlers of all ages and skill levels. From beginner-friendly 20-piece puzzles for young children to challenging 1000-piece puzzles for seasoned enthusiasts, there is a puzzle for every member of the family. This inclusivity fosters a sense of togetherness and encourages multi-generational puzzling experiences, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Awards and Recognition: Over the years, eeBoo has garnered several prestigious awards and accolades for their commitment to quality and innovation. Their dedication to producing imaginative and artistically rich puzzles has been recognized by esteemed organizations within the toy and game industry. These accolades further solidify eeBoo's reputation as a company that consistently delivers exceptional products.

Conclusion: eeBoo is much more than a jigsaw puzzle company; it is a beacon of creativity, joy, and education in the world of toys and games. With a steadfast commitment to artistic excellence, sustainable practices, and educational value, eeBoo has captured the hearts of puzzle enthusiasts and families around the globe. Each eeBoo puzzle is a masterpiece in its own right, igniting the imagination and fostering a love for learning in puzzlers of all ages. As the company continues to inspire and delight, it remains a cherished name in the world of jigsaw puzzles, promising endless hours of joy, exploration, and togetherness for generations to come.