Garden Friends Jigsaw Puzzle


Look at these adorable kittens on this Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle. The artist has managed to create the most sweetest expressions on each of them, especially the little cream coloured one. Even the apples look terrific!

       Brand: Karmin Jigsaw Puzzles    

       Artist: Joseph Giordano

       Title: Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle

        Size: 18x24” or 46x61cm         

        Pieces: 550

Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle Review

Overall Experience:  Good

Cut Quality: Very good

Board Quality: Medium-thin

Shape Cut: Grid-like

Image Quality: Good

Hardest Area: The watering cans

Puzzle Dust? none

Finish Quality: Smooth 

Box Quality: Good

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: no

Was this purchased new? no

Price: $2.00 Thrift Store 

Recommend Level: High

Time: 6.5 hours

I have to admit it is the Artist Joseph Giordano's ability to capture the reality of the image especially the apples that I was attracted to in this image.

However, just look at those precious little kittens being sweet as sugar. It's a darling image including birds and butterflies. It's complemented with flowers and fruit. The watering cans were the most tricky. The pieces were odd shaped but not as drastic as some I have experienced. There was a slight satisfaction of completion but no great big TaDA!

Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle Comments...

This  Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle is so cute but that is not the reason I bought it. I thought I would try the feel of these recyclable board pieces.  

The box shows this...... "Earth friendly - made of 90% of recycled materials and printed with vegetable based inks. This puzzle is 100% biodegradable." That peaked my curiosity.

Well to be honest, I have dealt with much worse and enjoyed much better. So now Earth Friendly pieces are somewhere in between. It's fair to say the quality is somewhat just below the center of good or not good. 

Would I try/buy one again? Sure, if the price was right. I would REALLY have to like the image to pay top dollar  - I get the whole recycle gig and I do my share of it. SO I did find the Girls Best Friend By Karmin as well. 

The price of brand new puzzles for my hobby can get costly, which will never be financially returned so I must be very selective in my 'brand new' purchases. Opposite that, there is a plethora of awesome ones available to me at Thrift store prices. I am lucky like that but not everyone enjoys that pleasure.

Final thoughts - It was what I considered to be a 'quick-fix' because it did assemble easily enough. The Earth Friendly did not make a huge influence on whether I would try it again (or not). Overall I would give this a Medium rating.  

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