Puzzle Hobbyist Günther Simetsberger

Let me introduce Günther Simetsberger, a jigsaw puzzle hobbyist who takes his passion one step further. And thanks to the internet he has managed to develop an event that many puzzle hobbyists attend each year.

He is the founder of the World Puzzle Days which has completed it’s fourth year in 2016. He operates the event online from Austria and it is open worldwide.

It runs from January 1 to February 28 each year. Puzzle hobbyists from around the world join.  All members upload completed puzzle photos into the Event platform that totalled over a million pieces in 2016.

The 2017 event will require an entry fee and this will be the 5th year running. Each entry represents a ticket for draw prizes at the end.

World Puzzle Days 2016

Here's some details surrounding the 2016 event.....

The World Puzzles Days is an annual event in it’s 4th year and each new year is more successful than the last. The event runs from January 1 until the last day of February, this 2016 year being the 29th. 

During that time frame, puzzlers who have entered the Event will complete jigsaw puzzles and add their photos to the World Puzzle Days Gallery and record the number of pieces accumulated along with other statistics. This is pure play and of interest to the many jigsaw puzzlers that have joined.

This event also offers the options to have jigsaw puzzlers create teams to making a bit more competition among themselves and/or geographical areas. Also, each photo of a completed entry submitted is also reserved as a ticket for the draw on many sponsored jigsaw puzzles. 

World Puzzle Days 2016 Introduction and Secret Symbol Video

Watch the introduction of the 2016 Secret symbol that is required in all 2016 photos submitted into the World Puzzle Days Event.

To verify a Puzzler is posting puzzles that are being completed in the current year a different symbol is used each year and the newly opened box must show a photo with the current year's symbol among all the puzzle pieces.  

Stay tuned for the World Puzzle Days 2017 plus much more..... Günther is one very busy puzzle hobbyist. 


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