Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellry Gallery

Jewellry is a great gift idea for the jigsaw puzzle hobbyist. And just to show what is available out there, take a look at the display and variety of ideas below.

If you would like to share your jigsaw puzzle jewellry please feel free to use the form below and we can enter it into the Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellry Gallery for all to see.

This is a white gold solid chain with 2 jigsaw puzzle pieces as the focal point. It is a gift given to me by my eldest daughter.

This set of earrings and necklace were purchased in support for the Jigsaw Jubilee annual event. They are made of very light plastic jigsaw puzzle pieces.

JaCarou Jigsaw Puzzles sent this necklace along as a complimentary gift for purchasing one of their puzzles and writing reviews. 

Here is a set of 3 pieces of jigsaw puzzle pieces costume jewellry. 

A necklace, bracelet and earrings are made of silver shiney metal with silver metal clasps and earring hoops.

These were sent to me as a gift from a jigsaw puzzle Pen-pal AND a friend for about 2 years now. She lives in the UK. This is among many other gifts she sends to me. 

Matching Set Puzzle Jigsaw Circle His & Hers Stainless Steel Pendant Necklace Aooaz Jewelry

Necklace - Live Laugh Love Charm Bronze Gifts - 1.5 Inch Puzzle Piece 20- 22 Inch

Braided Bracelet Black And White Silver Plated Puzzle Piece Love Hope Faith Adjustable 6-8

I Love Someone With Autism Puzzle Ribbon Necklace 18-20 Inch Silver Plated Glass Domed

Blue Resin Foil Pendant Necklace Cabochon Style Silver Plated Puzzle Piece Charm 18-20"

Blue Or Pink Necklace Resin Handmade Puzzle Piece Mom Teacher Gifts 18 -20"


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