Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Mega Brand 2014 - Confections Series

Title: Love Cookies - Bonus stationery set included 

Size: 18.94x26.75 or 48.10x67.95cm      Pieces: 1000

The Love Cookies jigsaw puzzle captured all the makings of a medium-plus level.

  • Box is very sturdy
  • Pieces are firm and glossy on one side
  • It's has a nice shaped size
  • The 2-framed image is unique to others
  • The colours are very attractive
  • Looks tasty :) 
  • The level of difficulty was medium-plus

Sorting and the border was fairly easy. The cut, connection and feel of the pieces are great. There is a nice gloss on the pieces giving the finished image a very nice gleam!  

I did not lay these pieces out because there just was not enough different colours that could be defined. There are shades of white and pinks. 

I also defined the image details likes dot, lines, circles and rose buds. The pink ribbon on the right side was tricky and some of the edging on the cookies same side. The back wall on the left side was time consuming as well.

Bonus Stationery Set

    Bonus Stationery Set

  • 1 Shopping List
  • 1 Note Card

Overall this one is a delight to assemble and gets the green checkmark of approval!

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