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PuzzleTeacher also known as PuzzleMaster has earned the respected reputation as a teacher and master at jigsaw puzzles. She lives near Istanbul in Turkey and has been doing jigsaw puzzles since her childhood. How could she know her life would be consumed with jigsaw puzzles as an adult.

PuzzleTeacher started her jigsaw puzzle website blog back in the 1990’s and it has gained world-wide popularity.  She writes about a variety of topics that include;

  • The jigsaw puzzles that are for sale 
  • The jigsaw puzzles that are sold 
  • The jigsaw puzzles that are shared from you 
  • The jigsaw puzzles that not completed yet (in progress) 
  • The jigsaw puzzles that are nostalgic (not produced anymore) 
  • The jigsaw puzzles news from the around the world 
  • The information about foreign and local jigsaw puzzle manufacturers 
  • The blog archive 

and more…..

A person just has to appreciate the internet and the connections it permits, not to mention how much smaller the world now seem.

It's through her that I discovered the Band of Thunder - horse images are on my highest 'must-have-wish-list'! She presents her details as follows;

  • Date: June 2014
  • Brand:Clementoni 
  • Title: Band of Thunder 
  • Number of Pieces: 13,200  
  • Inside the box: 6 packs marked  A, B, C, D, E, F, 
  • Each packet is made ​​up of 2206 puzzle pieces 
  • Total pieces is 13,224
  • Size: Measures 2.92cm X 1.35cm  
  • Size: Measures 114 5/7" x 53"

PuzzleTeacher has several connections with jigsaw puzzle companies in her country and online. She gets requests from customers to assemble jigsaw puzzles together for a fee.

Another huge achievement she has assembled is Wildlife which she displays like this.....

  • Educa 33,600 Wildlife pieces 10 packets 
  • each package includes 3360 parts.  
  • 3360 pieces in each pack 
  • Size 57cmx157cm completed in each pack  
  • Jigsaw Puzzle completed size 5.70cmx1.57cm 
  • 18.75 feet long and over 5 feet tall

PuzzleTeacher is involved in many activities such as Speed Contests, World Puzzles Days and keeps an online Blog titled  PuzzleMaster

So it's pretty clear there is more to come......


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