Tropical Cookies Puzzle

Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company
Short Title: Tropical Cookies Puzzle
Pieces: 1000
Size: 19.25x26.625 or 49x68cm

The Tropical Cookies Puzzle was a little tricky in some areas but that is typical of this busy-detailed type image. The summer sandals were the easiest part but the dark green leaf background was testy however not enough to spoil the fun. The creativity of the cookies is to be admired and looks SO yummy!


Brand: Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

Title: Tropical Cookies Puzzle

Pieces: 1000

Size: 19.25x26.625 or 49x68cm

Tropical Cookies Puzzle Review

Overall Experience: Great

Cut Quality:    Great

Board Quality: Good

Shape Cut: Random 

Image Quality: Good

Hardest Area: Leaves

Puzzle Dust? minimal

Finish Quality: Smooth/matte finish

Box Quality: Excellent

Sealed Pieces Inside Box: Yes

Was this purchased new? NO

Price: Picked for Review

Recommend Level: Highly

Time: 12 hours

Tropical Cookies Puzzle Assembly

I did my usual sorting routine.

  1. Sorting to locate all  the outside border pieces, while....
  2. Placing the pieces into the 'general-color' piles. 
  3. Then I carried on with a second round of sorting (similar colors sorted by shades/patterns) while placing the pieces flat out on the poster boards. 

Each puzzle comes with a mini poster for use with more than one Puzzler or when assembling the area where the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company logo is situated on the bottom right side of the box. The poster is almost the same size as the box which is pretty big.

I sorted out all the pieces that appeared to have an edge and then 'weeded' out the pieces that did not fit the border colors  and put them back into the non-edge pile.

The border required looking at the edges on the box image. The random shaped pieces were also helpful.

The image to the right gives a great visual for starting the puzzle.

I started with the largest coloured sections on this Tropical Cookies Puzzle that being the fancy coloured sandals. They were the quickest to pick out.

Then as you can see in my work-in-progress photo, I puzzled out some of the larger cookie colours as in the pinks, yellows and blues.

I thought the green leaves at the top and bottom would be easy enough but as it turns out, there area also green leaf background colours behind the cookies. So I was back and forth with that idea.

Then I began to assemble the pieces according to patterns on the cookies until enough were filled into place which left only the small cookies and background green areas.  

The following images shares the close up images of the cookie patterns. I am impressed with the creativity involved with such an amazing level of food art and detail.  The birds, flowers and butterflies were nice touches and the sandals are super cute. The big palm tree 'island' cookies were most impressive!

Tropical Cookies Puzzle Comments

I picked this Tropical Cookies Puzzle by Cobble Hill Company because I have experienced previous images similar to this which I really enjoyed. Take a look at this Easter Cookies and Sugar Skull Cookies

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